Jemima Kirke Had to Really Prepare Herself for Sex Scenes With Jamie Dornan

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Jemima Kirke went on Busy Tonight to talk about her new movie with Jamie Dornan, Untogether, and after she gives Busy Phillips a marker tattoo on her wrist (it’s a cigarette and it says “Oui!” under it), Phillips asks her if it was “intimidating” to shoot all those really hot sex scenes with Dornan.

“I mean, I’ve done Girls scenes, which are not the easiest sex scenes to do,” Kirke says, and it’s clear she’s trying to choose her words very carefully. “BUUUT… in terms of how he looks… I’ve never imagined… I’ve never been in that situation.” The situation being simulating sex “with someone who looks like that,” with someone who looks “like a sculpture,” as she puts it.

“I had to really sort of put myself, I had to do a lot of work,” Kirke laughs. “It wasn’t intimidating until, so we did this one part where he’s supposed to go down on me. And I was like, oh my god! He didn’t like, go on me at all. At all! But it was close. And [then] I’m like, of course, Fifty Shades. He knows what he’s doing.”

Sounds intense. Watch the full thing below.

Frankly, I’m a little tired of hearing about this, but sources who spoke to Us Weekly want you to know that Ariana Grande is FINE, does not care that Pete Davidson and Kate Beckinsale are knocking boots, and is fully focused on her new album, which comes out Friday. Grande’s whole thing since the breakup has been “spending time with [her] friends, [she] ain’t worried about nothing,” so like, duh, we knew that.

There is one juicy tidbit in this anonymously sourced report, which is that she wrote the songs after she and Davidson broke up. One of the songs, “Ghostin’”—which we’ve known for a while—is about having feelings for someone else while you’re in a relationship. So who was Grande crushing on while she was engaged? Did that have anything to do with the split? Probably, but who knows. I crave details, which is why I’ll keep following these bread crumbs until I get them. Or until I get distracted by something else!

[Us Weekly]

I don’t know why Jennifer Garner owns this green penguin statue, but that she just subjected her five million Instagram followers to watching a video of her cleaning it, I love.

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