Jerry Seinfeld and Jimmy Kimmel: FEUDING???

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It is the slowest gossip Wednesday in a fortnight and change, and therefore Dirt Bag brings you the dudefightiest of dudefights: the alleged dudefight between king comedy dude Jerry Seinfeld, and prince late-night show Jimmy Kimmel, an unlikely meetup of wisecracking doughboys.

The steaming hot TEA is thus, according to Radar:

“Nobody knows where the bad blood comes from, but Jerry just hates Jimmy,” a source told Radar, adding that friends believe the animosity stems from just plain jealousy. “People believe Jerry is envious of Jimmy.”

Aside from that last quote being hilariously vague—“people believe”—the idea that Seinfeld would actually harbor jealousy of Kimmel is people unbelievable, considering Seinfeld created one of the most iconic sitcoms in a generation and Kimmel does shit like deliver punny politics jokes in front of a ruched curtain every night. Even still, maybe there’s something going on with our guys behind the scenes? Let’s ask Radar’s source!

“There’s no specific event anybody can point to, and it’s not coming from Kimmel’s side,” the source confessed. “He’s a huge Seinfeld fan and he’s always talking about what a great comic Jerry is.”

You ever wonder about nonspecificity… the lifeblood of the celebrity tabloid expose? Check, check, and check! This is why we’re here, folks.


It’s truly shocking how blatant everyone is being about the Kendall Jenner spon ruse? The “acne made me insecure” Proactiv commercial wasn’t invented yesterday, people! (And People!) I mean, why are we acting like all this isn’t to move a product?


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