Jesus Take the Wheel: Carrie Underwood Liked a Pretty Bad Anti-Mask Tweet!

Everyone's mad at Carrie Underwood for (maybe) showing her true colors

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Jesus Take the Wheel: Carrie Underwood Liked a Pretty Bad Anti-Mask Tweet!
Image:Terry Wyatt (Getty Images)

If there were a large handbook for being famous that was distributed to famous people once they achieved a certain level of fame, I think there’d be a pretty big chapter on what not to do on Twitter. Give your passwords to a trusted individual and do not engage with tweets from conservative blowhards like Matt Walsh, especially when said tweet is a video denouncing mask mandates. This is common sense! But Carrie Underwood is now in a pickle.

It seems that Mrs. “I Wrote A Song about the Dangers of Black Ice liked a tweet from Walsh sometime last week, and now, her fans have discovered this transgression and are less than thrilled. Here is the initial tweet that surfaced Underwood’s “like.”

A generous reading of this action is as follows: Underwood maybe doesn’t run her own social media, and the person that does run her account engaged with the tweet in question. Or, this is her work! She liked the tweet, she watched the video, and she supports Walsh’s work, and now her fans are contending with this transgression.

Thinking this through a little bit more though, my generous read is likely too generous. Underwood has school-aged children, and she lives in Nashville; Walsh was screaming about no masks for children in Nashville. But it’s difficult to tell if she writes her tweets because they are all blandly personal enough to be hers or the work of a small staff of social media managers. Anyway! That’s enough investigative journalism for one day. Carrie Underwood is maybe anti-mask. Do with that what you will. [The Wrap]

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