Jordyn Woods May or May Not Have Also Hooked up With James Harden, Not That It Matters?

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I remain unconvinced this entire Jordyn Woods/Khloé Kardashian/Tristan Thompson saga isn’t some Kris Jenner-orchestrated effort to get the Kardashians back in the news now that we’ve collectively moved on to Ariana Grande. Still, now there is some new alleged scandal: Woods allegedly also hooked up with former Khloé flame James Harden. Which, fine? Sleep with whom you want? All’s fair in love and war? IDK.

According to Us Weekly, a “source” said Woods had a “brief fling” with Harden sometime after he dumped Kardashian in 2015:

“Jordyn did hook up with James Harden after Khloé dated him first,” the source says, noting that the 34-year-old reality star was “not with him at the time.”

Apparently this is a Big Deal because when Kardashian allegedly asked Woods about the hookup, Woods “denied” it:

“Khloé knew that that happened before this Tristan Thompson fiasco. That’s not news to her,” the source explains to Us. “It wasn’t an issue at the time, but it does show now that Jordyn has a history of omitting facts and crossing lines.”

I guess on the one hand it does really suck when a “friend” hooks up with an ex, but also, who cares? Live free or die. No press is bad press. Kris, can you come out from behind the curtain now?

[Us Weekly]

Earlier this month, we all learned Jennifer Lawrence is engaged to some dude, which, congrats! Also, he gave her a very big ring, so congrats again! Here is a picture of the ring! It is very big!

All diamond rings look the same to me, i.e. like overpriced gems potentially mined in a war-torn nation, but I guess it is nice!


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