Julia Roberts Is Just A Girl, Y'know


Julia! She’s not a multimillionaire internationally known Hollywood superstar. She’s just a girl! And the men she works with are boys.

In the new Elle, when asked about the cast of the Ocean’s Eleven movies, she gushes:

Those boys! I was the only girl there. One day George Clooney put these giant potted trees in front of my door so that I couldn’t get out to work. I pride myself on being punctual! You didn’t want to leave your camera lying around, either, People were breaking into each other’s rooms, taking them, and let’s just say you didn’t want your mom picking up your photos at Walgreens! Photos of unidentifiable body parts.”

Those crazy kids! They’re just like fun-lovin’ teenagers! Teenagers with colossal bank accounts, homes in France, Italy and sprawling compounds in Malibu. Kids today!

Julia Roberts [Elle.com]
Julia Roberts Cover Shoot [Elle.com]

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