Karlie Kloss Poses Nude for Weird Vogue Weight-Loss Spread


American Vogue sent Karlie Kloss to an Austrian health farm to shoot an editorial. The resulting photos — and their captions — really deserve to be savored. So does the ridiculousness of seeing Kloss, a woman who is thin for a living, pretending to lose weight by submitting to the treatments of a place called the Viva Mayr center. Including a goofy “exercise vest” that promises to zap your muscles, and, um, getting totally naked.

Sample caption:

Karlie Kloss starts her week by unwinding in Viva Mayr’s restorative light- and sound-therapy pod, developed with scientists at the nearby University of Graz.

And the fashion credits, well, they read like something Drew Droege would come up with to make fun of Chloë Sevigny:

Proenza Schouler technical-lace dress. Stella McCartney belt.

Based on the Viva Mayr center’s price list and the treatments described in Vogue‘s spread, it looks like a week-long stay could easily set you back $10,000. Oh, Vogue. [Vogue]

Jumpsuit ahoy: this is Viktor & Rolf’s first bridal collection. [Vogue UK]

This Mario Sorrenti portrait will appear in ads for Rihanna’s fourth (!) perfume, Rogue, set to launch this fall. [WWD]

Katy Perry’s fourth perfume will be called Killer Queen, and also comes out this fall. Sources speculate that her licensee, Coty, expects it will do $80 million in retail globally during its first year. In this interview, Perry actually speaks knowledgeably about notes and several times uses the word “juice” in its technical sense as she discusses everything from her love of Jean-Paul Gaultier’s fragrances as a teen to the development of Killer Queen. “I wanted some floral [notes], like jasmine, but I also wanted red velvet flower, which is incredible — it gives it the edge that makes it Killer Queen. It does have a bit of a gourmand thing to it — but gourmand like high tea at Claridge’s. I wanted the scent to have a little bit of ambiguity. I was attracted to scents in the last couple of years like Alien by Thierry Mugler and Black Orchid from Tom Ford. They’re too strong for me to wear all the time, and I didn’t want to them to be [copies], just to have a hint of ambiguity like they do.” [WWD]

• Nicholas Brooks, the boyfriend of swimwear designer Sylvie Cachay, has been found guilty of her murder. Cachay was found strangled in a bathtub at the Soho House in 2010. [WWD]

• Jesus Christ, Amanda Brooks really does sound completely insufferable, doesn’t she? [The Cut]

• American Eagle has become the latest brand to sign on to the international safety accord for Bangladesh developed by the union IndustriALL and local partners. Over 70 companies, including H&M and Abercrombie & Fitch, have opted for the five-year, legally binding safety pact. Wal-Mart and Gap Inc. came up with their own watered-down version. [WWD]

• For people who are dealing with skin conditions like psoriasis, or who just don’t like exposing acres of flesh in public, summer can be a hard time to dress. What Not To Wear‘s Stacey London, who has psoriasis and poor circulation, has some tips. [CNN]

• Pamela Skaist-Levy and Gela Nash-Taylor, who co-created Juicy Couture then sold it to Liz Claiborne (now Fifth and Pacific) in 2003, now want the business back. Fifth & Pacific is looking to offload the brand, which has become unprofitable, and the two designers are said to have be taking meetings with investors who might partner in the venture. [WWD]

• Fashionista went hunting for new faces with a model scout named Lanny Zenga, who works with the New York agency One:

“In Europe they actually poach girls who are way younger in age–like 12–and they’ll groom them to become supermodels,” he says. “I wish we could do that here, look at that girl over there.”
He points to a small pre-pubescent child who walks with her group of friends. She’s petite, thin, a brunette with an amazing face.
“She would be someone I’d want to groom to become a huge star,” he says.


• Mick Jagger is wearing some fancy clothes on his current tour, designed by his girlfriend, L’Wren Scott:

[O]ther looks Jagger is due to wear include the big gorilla coat that Scott designed for the tour, a floor-length number covered with hand-embroidered ostrich feathers and lined in metallic bordeaux lace, a reference to the Walton Ford gorilla design on the band’s latest album cover. There’s also an embroidered jacket inspired by the paintings of Gustav Klimt, made from silk, gold leather and metallic threads. Scott said she knew it would be ideal for an outdoor summer performance because of the setting sun’s rays would hit it and make it glow even more.

“I said, ‘Look it’s going to be beautiful because you have the gold in the light, and it’s not going to be nighttime when you go on stage, and this is going to have so much stage value and light.’ I [also] made him a special python belt that he wore — in gold,” said Scott.


Mad Men costume designer Janie Bryant is set to host a new reality show:

[W]annabe designers will be given a different challenge each week to create a garment in the style of a classic Hollywood film, or a celebrity’s signature style (think Audrey Hepburn, Cary Grant, Grace Kelly, Warren Beatty, etc). Bryant and the show’s judges will decide each week who best executed the challenge.


• Ralph Lauren cast his son Andrew Lauren in the fall ads for his Purple Label brand. No images are yet available. [WWD]

• Step inside Quiet Logistics, the Denver-based company whose robot-controlled warehouses do the order-fulfillment heavy lifting behind much of your online shopping — for stores like Nasty Gal and Bonobos. The warehouse full of robots is apparently 400-500% more efficient than an old-fashioned human-stocked warehouse. (You’d think they’d have a more precise figure, given the robots and all, but nevermind.) [BoF]

• An Le, last year’s winner of a contest for emerging fashion photographers sponsored by Bottega Veneta and Vogue, says his win didn’t lead to more work — at least not directly. “Honestly, no one really approached me after I won,” he says, “but I approach a lot of people and it’s always a great thing to say that I won this contest with Vogue and Bottega. It draws people’s attention.” He’s since attracted clients including Saks Off Fifth and Elle Vietnam. This year’s contest will be judged this month. [Fashionista]

• Origins has opened its first store in Mexico. [WWD]

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