Katie Holmes Crushes Enemies Beneath the Sole of Her Heeled Flip Flop

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Katie Holmes Crushes Enemies Beneath the Sole of Her Heeled Flip Flop

It takes bravery to emerge in a sea of paparazzi after a high profile breakup with your secret boyfriend of six years. To then pair that moment with a New York City street and heeled flip-flops—summer’s hot new trend? Only warriors would have the iron will and foot strength to make it through the experience alive! As it goes, Katie Holmes was seen shuffling across midtown Manhattan yesterday in $695 stiletto flip flops from Altuzarra. Page Six reports:

The “Logan Lucky” star may have made the shoe look effortless, but as Page Six Style discovered during a recent road test of a pair of split-toed stilettos through the NYC subway system, they’re actually next to impossible to get around in.

Walking through New York City, you’ll find yourself besieged by a host of hazards that threaten your stroll. Mutant rats could fight you on any number of street corners. A crumbling infrastructure will have you navigating uneven pavement and a plethora of potholes. Rising sea levels might even find you swimming between your destinations. Katie Holmes is unbothered by such worries and we’d be wise to learn from her example! As she instructs us from the vantage point the kitten heel provides her: “When life attempts to destroy you, crush it beneath the mighty stiletto of your nude, designer flip-flop.” [Page Six]

There’s a new horror movie out you’ll probably never see, Ready or Not. Your friends will see a commercial for it, exclaim “a movie!” and you’ll both go on with your day. Three months later, you might possibly ask, “Remember that movie?” Your friend will respond, “Did it come out yet?” You’ll puzzle over it, weigh the option of googling the answer, and then shelve the thought completely. There will always be another movie. This movie is what brings us to this: Adam Brody was interviewed on the film’s Culver City red carpet Monday about his airport reunion with Rachel Bilson. The former co-stars immediately sparked a O.C. reunion conversation between exactly three people on Twitter. ET, (allegedly) having nothing else to report on, asked Brody about his airport meet-cute and what it would take to revive the once-beloved series. Per the outlet:

He addressed speculation that they may have chatted about teaming up for a reboot. “We didn’t. We talked about rebooting Friends, maybe?” Brody said with a laugh. “But we didn’t talk about a reboot, we talked about old times.” When asked what it would take for him to jump on board an O.C., Brody joked, “So much money!” “No, I’m just [kidding], but, I don’t know,” he added, shrugging.

I feel for Brody, as it would also take an immense sum of money for me to watch whatever reboot might come of this. To my editors, in the event of an O.C. resurrection, here are my demands: a corner office, a six-pack of LaCroix, a chair that swivels, and exactly $1,000,000 dollars in Monopoly money. I know you’ll do your best to make this happen! [ET]

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