Kell On Earth Future In Doubt; SJP "Can Do No Worse Than Lindsay Lohan," Says Fashionista

  • Will Kell On Earth be renewed? “I don’t really know what’s going on,” says Kelly Cutrone, and Bravo would not reveal the show’s future. But Cutrone says she’s already signed “a major deal” for a scripted network TV venture. [PRNewser]
  •‘s Model of the Week, Darlinka Hooverova, says, “I love Terry Richardson‘s snatch shots…beautiful…” [Models]
  • BryanBoy and Refinery29 were among those taken in momentarily by Fashionising‘s little Lady Gaga/Alexander McQueen joke. [@BryanBoy]
  • Refinery also broke some frankly astounding news: Chanel is set to do the next Target designer collaboration. What a get for the Tar-zhay! [Refinery29]
  • Matthew Williamson gave his New York store Gossip Girl-themed windows. Blake Lively‘s character goes shopping at the store in an episode set to air April 5. [WWD]
  • “It’s fascinating to see Sarah Jessica Parker as the president of the brand. She’s very well dressed. I’m sure she can do no worse than Lindsay Lohan. But that was a pretty easy standard to eclipse. Remember those pasties?” Whitney Sudler-Smith, director of a documentary about Halston, on SJP’s accession to the brand. [DFR]
  • Hilary Duff may have bought her bridal gown at Vera Wang. She was spotted there picking up two garment bags. [E!]
  • Cosmopolitan Editor-in-Chief Kate White will have a small role in an ABC movie starring Duff. Duff will play “a freelance writer who lands her dream assignment with Cosmo.” What, is she going to definitively investigate the role of scrunchies as sex aids, or finally determine The Top 10 Things To Make Any Man Hot For You? [P6]
  • Carrie Underwood declined to name the designer of her wedding dress, but did say: “It’s really pretty. It’s very in the beginning stages and it’s very me. It’s just girly and pretty, and it’s simple and glamorous at the same time.” [People]
  • Bert Stern is apparently still dining out on his Marilyn Monroe last-sitting story. [Blackbook]
  • Working in the same vein, or perhaps just remembering the other year’s Met Ball, Marvel comics is planning a major move into women’s apparel, jewelry, and cosmetics in 2009. Since what Marvel owns are characters — more than 5,000 in total — the design options are almost limitless. This deal could be great news for women who already feel like part-time superheroes; unfortunately, the t-shirt illustrating this story has an image of the Incredible Hulk, Captain America, the Flash, and Thor playing in a band, with the slogan “I Heart Boys That Rock!” Weaksauce, Marvel. [WWD]
  • This typical overwrought trend piece about Sartorialist “knock-offs” (as though Scott Schuman owned street style photography) had the upside of introducing us to the genius that is The Catorialist. Kitti Uomo and Rei Meowakubo, indeed. There is much genius here, but we think the best part is the blogger nails Schuman’s remote, fancified tone. [The Catorialist]
  • Georgia May Jagger booked another Hudson Jeans campaign. []
  • Katie Price — aka Jordan — had her own two adorable kids model for her children’s clothing line. Naturally, in the parlance of the Daily Mail, she is a horrible mother who is using her children for her own fame. And too cheap to hire a real model! [Daily Mail]
  • “Why did they hire me to be a designer, and then want me working on acid-washed jeans and things with rhinestones?” Lars Nilsson sounds like he’s still a little peeved about that whole being fired three days before his first show for Gianfranco Ferre in 2008 thing. [NYTimes]
  • Some contend that Michelle Obama‘s purported magical effect on clothing sales is a media construct. J. Crew‘s CEO, for example, believes that while the First Lady has given the company vast free publicity by favoring its cardigans, she has not necessarily driven sales. This is a view backed up by JP Morgan’s research report on the company. Several J. Crew items the first lady has worn are even on clearance. (Of course, it’s entirely possible that many of the younger, less-established designers Michelle Obama has favored would have a different experience to report. Jason Wu and Thakoon have to be feeling her patronage in their sales.) [The Big Money]
  • A little store opened on Broadway in lower Manhattan nigh on one year ago with a visit from Kate Moss and a line that wrapped back on itself all the way around the block. And when Topshop celebrates its birthday on Friday, there will be cake! [Racked]
  • Here is Megan Fox‘s Emporio Armani ad in color, if you care. [ONTD]
  • Jean Paul Gaultier is launching an eau de parfum version of his MA DAME fragrance, and the festivities include a street style contest. If you think you have the best “glam” or “rock” style, you can upload a picture to the contest site. Winner gets a trip to Paris to hang out with Gaultier, where he might tell you interesting things, like how nuns fart or Guy Ritchie had a big cock. [SB]
  • Ladies of a certain age, rejoice: Teri Agins says it’s A-okay for you all to be wearing animal print. In fact, the suggestions she has are exactly the same for women of all ages — go for small-scale prints, buy garments with classic lines, and wear only one or two printed items at a time. [WSJ]
  • Elizabeth & James will add fine jewelry to its mix of products for fall. In white gold and diamonds, it’ll be thousands-of-dollars pricey. [Fashionista]
  • And Nicole Richie is adding handbags to her House of Harlow jewelry line. They are “very, very Nicole,” whatever that means. (Tan and thin and given to wearing immense sunglasses, we assume.) [Elle UK]
  • Victoria Beckham is continuing her campaign of in-person department store sales events to promote her jeans and dress lines. In Moscow, she joked with the crowd, “I haven’t held a mic for a long time. I promise I’m not going to sing.” Then she said she’d learned something important during this, her first trip to Russia: “It’s true, if you have good vodka then you don’t have a hangover.” [WWD]
  • The company Simon Fuller founded, 19 Entertainment, owns controlling stakes in Storm Models, RM by Roland Mouret, and Victoria Beckham Collection. Fuller quit the company to found a new venture last year, but has been retained as a consultant; now, the owners, CKX, are reportedly discussing the sale of 19 Entertainment to JPMorgan Chase‘s private equity division. What’ll happen to the brands is unknown. [Fashionologie]
  • Natalie Massenet, the founder of Net-A-Porter, is selling the remainder of the business to Richemont, which already owned a 35% stake. The £350 million deal — that’s $533 million — will net Massenet £50 million. [ToL]
  • This comparative chart, “How To Tell If You Work At Abercrombie Or American Apparel,” wasn’t that funny (scrunchies are such low-hanging comedic fruit!) until we got to the bottom and read, “Everyone wants to smell like date rape at the beach.” Snort. [TrueSlant]
  • Key words for this Marks & Spencer commercial, starring Twiggy: “value” nostalgia recession “quality” penny pennies prices trust penny. [Guardian]
  • If you watch Lost, then you might find this story comparing the fashions of labels like Christian Dior to its characters apt and hilarious. [Blackbook]
  • Sadly, there’s a lot of overlap in the Olivier ZahmTerry Richardson sexual Venn diagram. Shudder. [Fashionista]
  • Oscar de la Renta flew to Houston for a charity event that raised $370,000 for the March of Dimes. [HoustonChronicle]
  • Actually, an art exhibit curated by Hannelore Knuts sounds like it could be really good. [T]
  • “Not even a black suit sells in Chicago the way it should,” mourns Akris designer Albert Kriemler. [WWD]
  • “We are a young company and we haven’t worked out all the kinks. Right now we are in a period of rationalization, in a period of working with less and deploying our assets more productively,” says Dov Charney. American Apparel has been plagued with rumors of its impending bankruptcy. [WWD]
  • Kova & T, the line Dasha Zhukova co-designs, is the next Urban Outfitters designer collaboration. Styles from the line, called KNT, will be in stores mid-May. [Lucky]
  • Amidst all the upheavals at W, creative director Dennis Freedman — who has been at the magazine for nearly 20 years — has announced his departure. [WWD]
  • From 11 words of Miuccia Prada‘s scrawl, a handwriting expert managed to type 207 words of extrapolation. [AnotherMagazine]
  • Do you have small feet? Live in New York? If so, Loehmann‘s is holding a special designer shoe sale for you freakishly undersized size 6-7 people. Lucky sods. [Racked]
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