Kim Kardashian Finally Unfollows Kanye on Instagram

Ye's stalker behavior and latest attacks on Pete Davidson have crossed the line

Kim Kardashian Finally Unfollows Kanye on Instagram
Photo:James Devaney (Getty Images)

Kim Kardashian is letting her actions speak louder than Kanye’s words. As her estranged husband continues to unleash on “Saturday Night Live” star Pete Davidson, the self-deprecating ladies man who managed to snag Kim’s heart, she has now unfollowed him on Instagram.

Unfollowing your exes on social media, at least for a while, is generally a great idea — but it’s especially prudent in this situation. Kanye’s behavior isn’t funny or entertaining; the world is witnessing the increasingly scary tactics of an unhinged man whose star power isn’t blinding enough to obscure the fact that he’s a stalker.

Most recently, West targeted Davidson on social media with a reference to a 2018 sketch on “Saturday Night Live.” (In the “Weekend Update” segment, taped long before Davidson was linked with Kim, the comedian had mocked West and his bizarre allegiance to MAGA.) “HI SKETE YOU GOT ANYMORE MENTAL HEALTH JOKES FOR ME?” West blared out in his standard all caps, with the fury of a raging ex-husband who can’t let go of the woman who left him.

“This is not harassment,” Kanye added. “This is payback.”

Actually, Kanye, it very much is harassment! You are a giant walking red flag, harassing your ex-wife and her new lover and terrifying us all, and we really hope this doesn’t escalate into actual violence as history shows us that it often does. To recap:

For the past six months, West has posted about the pair’s custody fight (including an accusation that Kardashian withheld the location of their child’s birthday party); made a song about how he wants to beat up Kardashian’s new boyfriend, Pete Davidson; publicly asked her to come back to him while performing at a benefit concert; sent a truck emblazoned with the phrase “MY VISION IS KRYSTAL KLEAR” with a bed full of flowers to Kardashian’s home for Valentine’s Day; posted and deleted paparazzi photos of Kardashian and Davidson, again threatening him; repeatedly shared screenshots of his private communication with Kardashian; and talked about the dissolving marriage publicly, while volunteering at a charity event benefiting the unhoused.

Good on Kim for quietly separating herself from the chaos instead of taking the bait.

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