Kim Kardashian Thinks Hillary Clinton Should Be 'Presisent'

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One day a woman named Kim K,
told her glam squad to prep for a big day.
So they brushed and they puffed and they blushed and they fluffed,
and then off she went to meet Bill’s bae.

When she finally met H. Rod Clinton,
she approached the Dem with a mission.
Kim snapped a pic next,
then added some text,
but that post was just an audition.

Kim misspelled the word ‘President,’
by typing instead ‘Presisent.’
So she took down the post,
gave the keyboard her most,
and soon a revised pic was sent.

The moral, I guess I should vent,
is to proofread all of your content!
So spellcheck your tags,
before you get dragged,
and try not to misspell ‘pre-si-dent.’

The short version:

Kim posted this selfie with the caption:

I got my selfie!!! I really loved hearing her speak & hearing her goals for our country! #HillaryForPresisent

So she deleted the photo and re-uploaded with the correct spelling. Cool.


[Radar Online]

Oh look: a new entry in The Ben Affleck Nanny Diaries! Today’s big scoop is that Ben Affleck and Christine Ouzounian went on a romantic getaway to…Las Vegas…a few days before Bennifer 2.0 announced their divorce. While in the Bahamas, Ouzounian confided in Jennifer that she had recently broken up with her fiancé. Jen, “concerned that her children would become upset over their nanny’s state,” told the nanny to go home. Ben, in a classic Ben move, was like, “I’ll take her back to LA in my jet!”

But they didn’t fly nonstop. The couple allegedly landed in Las Vegas for a little thing I like to call…a layover.

“[Jennifer] knew, and Ben knew that she did,” dishes the insider. “There wasn’t an ‘I know what you did’ discussion. It didn’t need to be said.”

[Radar Online]

Jennifer Aniston

Is Almost Certainly Married

And Hell

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