Kings Of Leon Casting Women With "Deformities"


Seriously: they’re casting for a video, and “physical abnormalities or deformities are welcomed!!!!”

Pro: the gig, advertised on Manhattan’s CraigsList boards, pays $300 a day.

Con: “This video takes place in dockside bar in New England, where life has been hard. All characters with the exception of our hero need to look like life has beaten them up a bit. Scars, pockmarked skin, physical abnormalities or deformities are welcomed!!!!”

Here are the roles they’re casting for:

ROLE: SIMPLE GIRL: Unattractive. Unloved. This woman is the adult version of the girl that no one talked to at school. She is socially abused. She might be a little slow. She is perhaps, painfully shy, completely socially awkward. She is the butt of everyone’s jokes.
ROLE: SAD GIRL: 20’s – early 40’s, any ethnicity. Woman with REAL facial deformity/abnormality or scarring to play the role of someone who is being taken advantage of by ruthless people. We want this role to be one that the audience immediately recognizes and sympathizes with. Please ONLY submit if you actually fit this role description.
ROLE: OLD WOMAN: 60’s-80’s, Caucasian. Blue Collar/Lower Class. Rough around the edges. Spends most of her time in the local pub.

On the one hand, we guess it’s…good?… that the notorious Tennessee modelizers aren’t just disguising some model. On the other, the description of “Sad Girl” sounds just a little too ironic to be true. But hey, if you’re interested in immortality, hit them up! “subject line should be: Kings of Leon/ SAD GIRL.”

Kings Of Leon Looking For Women With “Scars,” “Physical Abnormalities,” Generally Low Self-Esteem
[Mog Music Network]
Kings Of Leon Video – NEW FEMALE ROLES [Craigslist]

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