Kristin, Kristen, Posh, Rachels Dine With Designer


“Dinner with a Designer” has never been a particular ambition of ours – maybe a “fitting” with a designer – but, judging by the turnout at “the Council of Fashion Designers of America Celebrate Brian Atwood,” the stars disagree!

Eva Longoria‘s all, here’s to the ladies who lunch…if they had see-through panels up the sides of their pencil skirts

You do not cross a woman in a smoking and no shirt. (Ideally you don’t have to dine across from them either.)

Okay, I have a weakness both for Rachel Bilson‘s demurely fun style and for young Hollywood-goes-Joan-Collins. So, yes, I love this.

Here’s Brian Atwood, man of the hour, flanked by Rachel and Kristen Bell, who seems to have pulled off some very bold, last-second, Scarlett-O’Hara-style shower-curtain alchemy!

I’m really annoyed that we can’t see more of Rachel Zoe‘s getup, because I have a sneaking suspicion that it just might be a long, caftan-styled, 70’s-esque flowing number accessorized with bold gold pieces. Just a hunch.

Let’s give Cat Deeley the benefit of the doubt and assume that this neckline does not in fact turn into a weird, Kylie-esque hood like something at an Urban Outfitters that you didn’t examine closely before taking it into the dressing room. From the looks of her shoe, she’s in enough pain as it is.

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