Lady Gaga Explains Polaroid Deal; Leno & Conan's Late-Night Drama

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  • In a video at the link, Lady Gaga talks about her deal with Polaroid. She explains:

“It’s not an endorsement deal or campaign… it is 100% a partnership with me as the creative director of new products and branding nothing more than my creative vision.” [Pop Dirt]

  • Polaroid gave Lady Gaga business cards!!!! For some reason this really excites me. Take a look: [ONTD]
  • Khloe Kardashian is klassy! She klaims: “If I even imagined someone talking to my husband too close, I would beat the crap out of them.” Oh, also, she’s not pregnant, just enamored: “I just gained some love weight and it gives [Lamar] something to hold on to.” [Us]
  • Suri Cruise watches Glee, which makes the kids from Glee kind of nervous, but excited. [E!]
  • Is Hayden Panettiere dating heavyweight boxer Wladimir Klitschko? [Page Six]
  • Casey Johnson‘s three-year-old daughter Ava will be raised by Casey’s mother and sisters. [TMZ]
  • Tila Tequila, quite possibly off her rocker, says that Nicky Hilton and Bijou Phillips took Casey Johnson’s dogs and want to kill them. “They don’t care about the dogs. They are putting them to sleep to bury with Casey.” [ABC News]
  • Um, Tila Tequila tweeted: “Casey Picked ME Over Her Family & Thats Why They R All Badmouthing Me in Press Cuz She Loved Me More!” [Us]
  • Thank Zeus for a voice of reason: “I noticed a considerable decrease in Casey’s physical and mental state in the short period she was with Tila,” says Casey Johnson‘s ex, Jasmine Lennard. “It was absolutely not a reflection of who or how she was even weeks before. [Tila] is absolutely out of her goddamn mind. I pray she goes and gets some help. Every single thing she wrote in her blog was untrue.” [Gatecrasher]
  • So you know how Christina Aguilera and Cher are making an awesome-sounding movie called Burlesque? Pictures at the link !!!! [Just Jared]
  • Jersey Shore‘s Ronnie Magro was arrested in September for the assault seen last night on the show. Ronnie says of the random dude he punched: “He was just being a drunk jerk, saw the camera, [and] I think he chased us down like two blocks or something like that. At that point, you’re like, ‘What am I gonna do?'” [NY Post via People]
  • Charlie Sheen must appear in person over allegations that he threatened his wife with a knife. Charlie’s lawyers had asked if he could do the hearing in the Aspen over the phone, but apparently the judge was like, are you fucking kidding me? [Mirror]
  • Is Jay Leno moving back to 11:30, pushing Conan to midnight? And Fallon to 1am?!?! [AP]
  • This report says Leno would replace Conan, and that Conan would either go back to following Leno or leave the network. [LA Times]
  • This report claims that NBC has given Conan O’Brien the option to move his show to midnight or leave the network. [TMZ]
  • Jay Leno joked during his monologue: “As you may have heard, there’s a rumor floating around we were canceled. I heard it coming in this morning on the radio. So far, nobody said anything to me, but … you know, if we did get canceled, it would give us some time to maybe do some traveling. In fact, I understand FOX is beautiful this time of year.” [CNN]
  • Ted Koppel may return to ABC News — he’s being considered as the host of Sunday political talk show This Week. [AP]
  • A woman who worked as a set decorator on Mo’Nique‘s BET show, Maureen Allaben, was found dead earlier this week, allegedly killed by her husband. Mo’Nique released a statement which reads: “We are all saddened by Maureen’s passing but we also rejoice in having had the opportunity to know her sweet, soulful spirit. Live each day to the fullest.” [CNN]
  • The LAPD investigation into Michael Jackson‘s death has been completed. The case will go to the DA within weeks, and Dr. Conrad Murray will, most likely, be charged with something like involuntary manslaughter. [TMZ]
  • If you heard the rumor that Vanessa Hudgens and Mariah Carey would be in a comedy about a mother/daughter duo who audition for a TV talent show, then you know more than Mariah does. She says, “I haven’t heard that.” [Us]
  • “More People Have Now Purchased The Hangover DVD Than Any Other Funny DVD.” [NY Mag]
  • Avatar 2: Inevitable. [NY Mag]
  • Zoe Saldana says there was an Avatar sex scene, but it was cut to get a PG-13 rating. Hot blue action on the DVD? [Prz]
  • “Less than a day after getting out of the hospital, Gary Coleman has learned that the footage of his penis will be going public whether he likes it or not.” Apparently the film Midgets vs. Mascots includes a locker-room fight in which Coleman’s robe flies open, “briefly revealing his Arnold Jackson in full.” [LA Times]
  • Breaking: Amy Adams wants a traditional name for her unborn child. [Us]
  • “You wonder how someone so fragile-looking can manage all five acts… But she excels at being cutting or rude, and her body language is appropriately sexy.” — From a review of The Misanthrope, the play in which Keira Knightley is making her West End debut. [WSJ]
  • Marilyn Manson and Evan Rachel Wood are definitely engaged. [People]
  • Kate Gosselin‘s new hair has a $7,000 price tag, but somehow seems worth every penny. [Radar Online]
  • WARNING. This picture of Sisqo should come with a warning, and this is your warning. [The Life Files]
  • The Big Lebowski makes an excellent Shakespearean play. [USA Today]
  • Q: What did you learn from the Jersey Shore cast and how do you plan to implement it? A: “I didn’t learn much. It confirmed a few things I already suspected, which was, like, girls love a really smokin’ body and everybody loves pizza.” — Michael Cera. [NY Mag]
  • Q: What are you doing to prepare for your now role as a judge on “American Idol“? Ellen DeGeneres : I’m starting to criticize everyone I see, no matter what. I’m like, you thought that was a good outfit to wear? I just start criticizing people. But really, I’m trying not to think about it too much… I don’t want to be influenced by anyone thinking I have to be different. I’m going to be myself and I’m going to be brutally honest in a kind way, I hope… Whatever comes out of my mouth will be a surprise to me and you.” [WSJ]
  • Ellen Degeneres and Simon Cowell are on the cover of Entertainment Weekly, and she says, regarding the rumors of Simon’s departure: “If Simon goes, I go. I will not be there without Simon.” She just signed a five-year contract. [PopWrap]
  • “People have very often said to me that I look like Tobey, so I thought it was perfect casting. They really just made Brothers so it could be said that I look different from Tobey. In fact, to all those cab drivers out in New York, I am not Spider-Man!” — Jake Gyllenhaal. [Telegraph]
  • “She was a modern girl for that time. I read a lot of her diaries and discovered that she fought for what was right instead of going with tradition.” — Emily Blunt on Queen Victoria. [Miami Herald]
  • “The thing is me and [Precious director] Lee [Daniels] hadn’t seen each other in a long time, and then he was presenting my award, so he starts off immediately with inside jokes… We had splashes of champagne, and I love Lee but he’s a bad influence. If people don’t understand me and think I’m just like this girl that stands by a microphone and sings ‘Hero,’ then they’re definitely not going to get me. But if people knew me better, they would understand I have a sense of humour, and basically that’s what gets me through life.” — Mariah Carey on her tipsy speech at the Palm Springs International Film Festival. [Mirror]
  • “The circumstances of the movie are that these people fall in love. So how does like a thoughtful, smart, capable woman find herself in that situation? And then, you know, I just never thought about it again. I think she’s profoundly not thinking. And I understand that. Anyone who says they don’t understand not thinking to have something that you want is lying to you. It’s not an admirable quality, it’s not something I hope will stick with me for a lot of my life. But I do think of myself as a thoughtful person, and I have definitely thought, what was I thinking? How did I let this happen? And this is the story of someone who does that.” — Maggie Gyllenhaal on Crazy Heart. [NY Times]
  • “I think that’s why Meryl Streep is working so much, because she looks like a woman we can all relate to… I look at her and I think, ‘I’m chasing my kids, I’ve moved my parents in with me, I’m coping with food spills – that looks like me in real life’ Meryl looks like an unmade bed, and that’s what I look like. To me, that looks true.” — Sharon Stone. She also says: “I have had zero, nothing done to myself: no lifting, no Botox, no injectables. I did try something once and I saw myself in a movie and didn’t like the way I looked. I thought I looked like I had a giant balloon head, and I felt it wasn’t for me.” [Telegraph]
  • “I find it so gratifying to be recognized for a film that manages to put a magnifying glass on a truly insane situation over there. As you and I having this conversation right now, there are still men and women risking their lives in Iraq and Afghanistan.” — Kathryn Bigelow, director of The Hurt Locker. As you may know, if she gets nominated for a best director Oscar, she would be only the fourth woman in that category, and, if she won, the first. [NY Times]
  • “I am a drugstore whore. I worship drugstores. You have to pull me out of them.” — Pamela Anderson. [Page Six via People Stylewatch]
  • “If I ever win an Emmy for my work on Californication, I’ll open my speech with, ‘I’d like to thank the cast, the crew, and David Duchovny for inspiring me to have sex with my husband again.'” — Diane Farr. [Page Six via Marie Claire]
  • “This isn’t going to be an ironic venture for me. This is coming out of pure love, so don’t expect the Muppets to be dirty!” — Jason Segel, who is writing a new Muppets movie. [Pop Wrap]
  • “I’ve always tried to stay away from playing Jews. I get like 20 Holocaust scripts a month, but I hate the genre” — Natalie Portman, who is Jewish, to British Elle. [Page Six]
  • “The thing I find the most sickening is that the media is giving [her] the one thing she craves: attention. Tila, you knew her for a week.” — Casey Johnson‘s ex, Courtenay Semel, on Tila Tequila. [CNN]
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