Larry King Panelists Discuss Why Domestic Violence Isn't Just A "Women's Issue"


Last night Larry King Live guest host Joy Behar moderated a discussion about domestic violence and pointed out that some people are saying Rihanna provoked Chris Brown to attacking her.

In the clip at left, Robin Givens, who was physically abused by Mike Tyson, and Denise Brown, sister of Nicole Brown Simpson, talked about how labeling a violent incident as “domestic abuse” makes some people take the attack less seriously because they assume the victim did something to provoke the attacker. Victor Rivers, who saw his mother being abused as a child, says that the way to end domestic violence may be to get men involved. “There is still this misconception that domestic violence is a woman’s issue,” says Rivers. “It needs to be everyone’s issue.” You can watch the rest of the discussion here.

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