Lea Michele Responds to Claims She Is Illiterate by Reading, Writing

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If your social media feed is as good as mine, you’ve probably come across this viral-ish video from podcast duo Jaye Hunt and Robert Ackerman about their theory that actress and hummus spokesperson Lea Michele is illiterate. I’ve watched the video more than once, and while I’m not convinced Michele can’t read or write, I am convinced it’s a hilarious conspiracy theory.

The theory is based on a chapter in Naya Rivera’s memoir “Sorry Not Sorry,” in which Lea Michele allegedly became upset when comedian Tim Conway tried to get the cast to improvise a scene instead of performing it as written. Why? Well, Hunt and Ackerman think it’s because she has every scene memorized, because Ryan Murphy—knowing she can’t read—reads them to her. They go on to show images of Michele writing single words and holding books recommended to her by BFF Emma Roberts, suggesting that she is slowly learning how to read and write as an adult.

Fortunately for Hunt and Ackerman, Michele has laughed the whole thing off. After a fan tweeted that the former Glee star was probably “laughing her head off” at the theory, Michele responded with unequivocal proof that she is, in fact, literate: she read and wrote.

Hunt and Ackerman have responded to the sudden virality of their theory on Instagram .(Via Notes app, too. Classic.)


Captain America and Tina Tina Chanuse are through, once again. The superhero (aka Chris Evans) and doorbell salesperson (aka Jenny Slate) revealed they broke up recently, not long after getting back together. Writes The New York Times (in a profile of Evans, not a gossip roundup):

One book he found eye-opening was Rebecca Solnit’s “The Mother of All Questions.” Mr. Evans read it while dating the actress Jenny Slate (their on-again, off-again relationship, beloved by the internet, recently ended) and decided that he needed to listen more and speak less.
“The hardest thing to reconcile is that just because you have good intentions, doesn’t mean it’s your time to have a voice,” he said.

Side note:

[The New York Times]

Someone should buy this latest Candice Bergen creation.

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