Learn How Vibrators Are Made Because Knowledge Is Sexy (?)


Are you laying in front of the TV, resting your laptop on your stomach while you munch on Sabor de Soledad and mainline The Good Wife? Excellent; let me join you. No, wait, I mean: get off your ass and let’s make us some vibrators!

This easy how-to video won’t teach you exactly how to make one*, but it will show you all that goes into creating the best all natural high there is (not counting marathons of The Good Wife, of course). Unfortunately, the mechanics aren’t as sexy as Julianna Margulies, but what is. The end result, however, is straight Chris Noth. (I need to stop with this show.)

*unless you’re really handy and have lots of electronics at your house. In that case, I’ll finally put an end to all my Good Wifing and come over.

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