Lindsay Lohan Signs Rehab Discharge Papers, May Leave Today

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  • A court hearing has been scheduled for tomorrow morning to determine whether or not Lindsay Lohan can leave rehab two months early, but sources say she’s already signed discharge papers and will sneak out today to avoid a media frenzy.
  • She may spend another night in rehab, but Radar reports, “everything is set for her release, including a three-car decoy to get her out of UCLA and away from the media.” She’s only completed 22 days of her 90-day treatment program, and is expected to continue outpatient treatment at UCLA. [Radar]
  • Lindsay owed the court $262 and could lose her $200,000 bail because a bond agency failed to pay the bill on time. [Radar]
  • A source says that while in rehab, “Lindsay has been spending a tremendous amount of time drawing designs of handbags for her fashion label … [she] has been so focused on her drawings and sketches, that at times, the staff has to tell her to get up and walk around.” [Radar]
  • Lindsay hasn’t actually signed on to do DWTS, but that hasn’t stopped the dancers from giving her advice about appearing on the show. [E!]
  • However, Michael Bolton is in talks to join DWTS. [Radar]
  • A man was arrested last night for allegedly trying to break into Paris Hilton‘s home. She Tweeted, “So Scary, just got woken up to a guy trying to break into my house holding 2 big knifes. Cops are here arresting him.” [AP]
  • Paris says she heard someone banging on her window and her dogs were barking. She adds, “What a scary sight to wake up to. I can’t believe the knives he was carrying. Thank god the police arrived quickly.” [Radar]
  • Authorities say the man’s name is Nathan Lee Parada, and he’s currently being held on $50,000 bail. [Radar]
  • Ack, here’s his mug shot. [Radar]
  • Former Bachelor Charlie O’Connell has found the courage to love again; he’s dating spa director Courtney Buntin Victor. [Us]
  • A source claims that Jennifer Aniston is talking to a celebrity weekly about revealing her plans to adopt a baby. In other news, this story contains the sentence, “Rumor Has It that Good Girl Jennifer Aniston is pulling a Switch and making some Office Space for a new little Friend in the near future.” [E!]
  • Possible Glee spoiler: Check out Chord Overstreet, the oddly-named dude who’s been hired to play Finn’s new rival/Kurt’s boyfriend. [Just Jared]
  • Jeremy London is denying the reports that he had a fling with Rachel Uchitel during Celebrity Rehab 4. “Without a doubt we are only friends. We never even kissed. We’ve never had an affair,” he says. [CNN]
  • Jessica Alba is in talks to star in Spy Kids 4. Looks like somebody really wants that Oscar! [Cinematical]
  • Here’s a photo of Sean Penn playing a “rock star who decides to hunt down an ex-Nazi war criminal who tortured his father in Auschwitz” in his new movie This Must Be The Place. [Best Week Ever]
  • In an effort to shed her Disney image once and for all, Miley Cyrus has signed on to play a character who “has sex, smokes pot, binge drinks, and kisses girls,” in the film LOL. [Hollywood Life]
  • Today the Sheryl Crow Imaging Center opened at the Pink Lotus Breast Center facility in L.A. [Us]
  • Janine Lindemulder is upset because she claims Jesse James moved their daughter Sunny to Texas without letting her say goodbye first. [Radar]
  • Sammi has returned to the Jersey Shore house after storming out over the weekend for one simple reason: “She wants the money. She can’t walk away from all that money.” [Radar]
  • ZOMG!!! “Bret Michaels & Kristi Gibson Engagement More Likely Than Ever” The suspense is killing us! [People]
  • Radar is concerned that Jay Leno may never get to interview Mel Gibson again because he made a joke about Mel’s dad being a Nazi guard at a concentration camp during a stand-up show. [Radar]
  • Martin Short‘s wife Nancy Dolman had been battling cancer since 2007 and didn’t want to have a funeral. [Radar]
  • WTF: The man arrested for allegedly murdering Jennifer Hudson‘s mother, brother, and nephew hasn’t been tried in two years, and today he was granted another continuance. [Radar]
  • Kelly Bensimon says of the rumors that Danielle Staub may get her own show, “I think that’d be amazing for her. She makes for great TV. She’s out of the box and has no inhibitions. It’s not my place to say whether someone has issues or not. I will say she has a lot of fun with what she’s doing. I don’t know what her real life is like, but I honestly don’t think that she’s well matched against the rest of that cast for that show. Still, she definitely is fun to watch. I love seeing her. She has no limitations and that’s great.” [Perez]
  • Gossip Girl‘s Jessica Szohr says, “I keep saying they have to bring in other characters because how many times can six characters date and hook up with each other before it gets real old?” [Just Jared]
  • Matthew Fox thinks everybody loved the ending of Lost: “I think that the media might have wanted to create a little bit of like, well, there’s some people that are dissatisfied with the way it ended and they want to make a story out of it… I certainly didn’t feel that in my experience. If there are people out there who were really dissatisfied, at least around me, they’re being awfully quiet.” [N.Y. Mag]
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