Lindsay Lohan Skips Court

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  • Lindsay Lohan won’t be in court today to respond to a warrant for her arrest, but her lawyer will be there. The attorney claims it’s all a misunderstanding, to which we say: Sure, sure. [AP]
  • Lindsay Lohan‘s dad is “concerned” for his daughter: “I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again — she has to be careful of the people around her. I worry about any of those negative elements in her life.” Is one of those negative elements you, sir? [Extra]
  • Lindsay Lohan‘s warrant seems to be due to her missing or being late to one of her alcohol education classes, which she must take as part of her probation. LL blames the paparazzi for making it impossible to show up on time. [TMZ]
  • Six women were injured and three people were arrested and charged with inciting a riot at the America’s Next Top Model stampede on Saturday. [NY Post]
  • Lily Allen has filed charges against photographers who allegedly rear-ended her car; this comes after she punched one of the dudes. [E!]
  • Here are pictures of Mel Gibson “frolicking in the surf” in Costa Rica with a woman who is not his wife. [Daily Mail, RadarOnline]
  • Jennifer Aniston is telling friends she dumped John Mayer after he “went cold” after the Oscars. Sound like he did the passive-aggressive breakup thing. [The Sun]
  • Rihanna may star in a remake of the Whitney Houston/Kevin Costner flick The Bodyguard? Why, Hollywood, why? [Gatecrasher]
  • This is interesting: The Rihanna/Chris Brown duet was just an old demo. “Nothing has been recorded by Chris and Rihanna since February,” says an unnamed source. [NY Daily News]
  • Twilight‘s Robert Pattinson was overheard telling a fellow Brit, “I can’t get laid [in N.Y.C.]” Sparkly vampires are so last year. [Gatecrasher]
  • Pattinson had to “do all this naked stuff” for a man-on-man sex scene for his new Dali movie. He admits: “In a lot of ways, I was kind of crossing lines of what I thought I was comfortable doing.” [Mirror]
  • Drew Barrymore and Justin Long were seen making out at a bar in Hollywood one night, and laughing and smiling while eating sushi the next. That is not a euphemism. They’re back on! [Just Jared]
  • The first of Nadya Suleman‘s octuplets could be home tomorrow. [People]
  • Ryan Reynolds says it took months and months to prepare for his role in Wolverine: “When you think about it like that, it’s vaguely depressing,” he says. “But when you actually do it, it’s worth it when you see on the screen that’s me and it’s not a stunt person, and I’m doing the whole thing.” [LA Times]
  • Gwyneth Paltrow‘s trainer, Tracy Anderson, is having trouble getting people to join her gym. Maybe because membership is $4,500 a month? [Perez]
  • Tracy Anderson says of her pupils, “Madonna never slacks off. She’s like a gym nerd. Gwyneth is cheekier than Madonna, that’s for sure. Some days she’ll be like, ‘Do I have to do cardio?'” [Mirror]
  • This report claims Madonna works out so hard and and gets regular glyco peels on her face because she wants to look like her daughter. Yeah, right. [Daily Express]
  • Speaking of Madonna, her new man, Jesus Luz, is moving in. [Mirror]
  • And! He is macrobiotic now, thanks to her Madgesty. [Daily Mail]
  • Meanwhile, clashing schedules mean Gwyneth Paltrow and husband Chris Martin won’t see each other for weeks. Alert the media! [Daily Mail]
  • Is there a cash prize on Dancing With The Stars? Because Lil’ Kim owes $1 million in state and federal taxes, ouch. [UPI]
  • Check out this profile of Paul Rudd, in which he says: “I went through a phase where I thought it was really funny to make pratfalls in very crowded places. And I jumped out of a moving car once for a laugh. That was a mistake.” [NY Times]
  • The promoter behind Michael Jackson‘s upcoming concerts says “He’s 50 but he’s going to dance his ass off.” Also: “If Mike gets too nervous to go on, I’ll throw him over my shoulder and carry him on stage. He’s light enough.” [Telegraph]
  • There’s already a Michael Jackson ticket-scalping scandal. [WSJ]
  • And! Michael Jackson‘s Neverland Ranch is about to be sold. [Fox 411]
  • Rob Lowe has been carpeted by bosses for being too orange.” [The Sun]
  • Robin Thicke will be touring with Jennifer Hudson and says that the tour will be “cathartic” for her. “I think it’s going to be the perfect thing for her to do, to get out there and get outside her head and feel the love she’s been getting. She’s a special lady.” [Yahoo News via E!]
  • Gossip Girl‘s Jessica Szohr dropped by the set just to say hi to her boyf, Ed Westwick. [Gatecrasher]
  • Kristen Stewart‘s gushing about the new Twilight movie: “To see them cope without each other and to see this character Jacob, who is supposed to represent light and warmth and he pulls her out of a rut that’s like seemingly impossible — it’s really tragic. Like, I can’t wait to see Taylor’s [Lautner] face when I tell him, ‘It’s him, it’s always been him,'” she says. [LA Times]
  • Keira Knightley will not be in the next Pirates Of The Caribbean flick, saying: “It was a completely fantastic experience, and it was an amazingly large portion of my life, but I don’t think I need to go there again. I think that it’s done.” So who will be the leading lady in the film? We need to know, since Russell Brand may be playing Johnny Depp’s brother! [Mirror]
  • This profile of Kat Von D has a quote from a 12-year-old fan, who says: “I like how she says her tattoos are everything she’s been through.” [WaPo]
  • Whoa, Rhys Ifans looks totally different and dare we say hot in these pictures. When he was dating Sienna Miller he looked like a vagrant. [Daily Mail]
  • Rumors about Liz Hurley‘s marriage continue to circle; today it’s that she is “more like a boss than a wife.” Wait, is that bad? [Daily Mail]
  • Liz Hurley‘s mother-in-law denies the rumors that Liz and her husband have broken up: “This is just gossip. That’s all I can say. I don’t like commenting on family matters in public.” [Telegraph]
  • Charlie Sheen‘s wife had twins Saturday night; the first kids for her and Charlie’s fourth and fifth. [Star]
  • Heather Mills bought a seafood restaurant in Hove, East Sussex, and plants on making it vegan. [Daily Mail]
  • MC Hammer is being sued for not delivering a book on fatherhood to his publisher. Please Hammer, don’t hurt ’em. [Mirror]
  • What’s cooking with Gordon Ramsay? He has been taken to court over unpaid debts three times in a month. [Daily Mail]
  • British reality star Jade Goody is “near death.” Do you get the feeling the papers are circling like vultures? [NY Times]
  • Aww, the movie industry nursing home is closing by the end of the year. [UPI]
  • R.I.P. Ron Silver, whom you may have known as Bruno Gianelli on The West Wing. [NY Post]
  • Blind item! “Which songbird’s hard-up husband is having a hard time paying off her $500,000 engagement ring? He tried to stiff the jeweler and when finally threatened with a lawsuit, said he’d pay – on an installment plan.” [Page Six]
  • Blind item! “Which rehabbed starlet’s wallet turned up in the Financial District, with her driver’s license, black American Express card and several bags of blow?” [Gatecrasher]
  • “Nine months ago at the conception I pulled all my best moves – I used new style. Apparently it’s all about temperature so the windows were open. We’ll see what happens.” — Jamie Oliver, who is hoping his unborn child will be a boy. [The Sun]
  • “I don’t think there was one dinner that I ever cooked my kids that wasn’t burnt because I was always on the phone, because teatime came when America was buzzing. When it was noon in New York, it would be 5pm at home in England, and the phone would be going nuts. You know, they go on about women juggling, well, my theory is that something always has to give, and, in my case, it was my kids.” — Sharon Osbourne. [Daily Mail]
  • “I find that word so unconstrained and unsophisticated. I don’t know if you are referring to The Sun newspaper’s Shagger Of The Year title, which I’ve been awarded three consecutive times now. It ranks among my finest achievements along with my British comedy awards and other accolades. I continue to live as a single man might but I certainly don’t do anything as vulgar as shagging.” — Russell Brand, on being called a champion shagger. [Sydney Morning Herald]
  • “Children are so cute and talkative when you get them out of bed, vulnerable blabbermouths, but when they get older they talk less. As the days fly past, it’s only going to be a few more years that he likes me. Maybe he’ll always love me, but he might not always want to be around me – he might not always like me. He’s borderline embarrassed by me already, so…” — Sarah Jessica Parker, on spending time helping her son get dressed in the morning. [Daily Mail]
  • “Finding someone that you like, or who likes you, is always difficult at my age. But being famous complicates things much more. I suppose that some boys feel a bit intimidated by me and stay on their guard.” — Emma Watson, who is about to turn 19. [Telegraph]
  • “My teeth are capped and I had the fat removed from under my chin. That’s basically why I have the goatee because it covers the scar. And my nose was straightened. Then they took the heaviness out of my eyelids. Thank God the plastic surgeon said you’ve got to be careful, you’ve still got to look like you. But I’ve stopped dying my hair, that’s it now. I never did it before because it would have been a salt-and-pepper look, which wasn’t good. But the older I’ve got, the whiter my hair has got and I like it.” — Tom Jones. [Mirror]
  • “I never watch my [movies]. I make an album and then maybe 10 years later, I hear a thing or two. If I walk into somebody’s house or a department store, I always say, ‘Can you please turn that off?’ Because I spend so much time on it, before it’s released, that once it’s released it’s on its own. I really don’t want to listen to it.” — Barbra Streisand. (Yentl is now on DVD!) [Newsweek]
  • “I want to very badly. But I want to get it right. We are definitely on band practice. There are a lot of performances in the movie.” — Kristen Stewart, on singing while playing Joan Jett in new movie Runaways. [LA Times]
  • “How this IVF rumor started, I really, really have no idea. But I can tell you that it is definitely not happening in the near future…It’s great that Ellen and I are a gay couple and people are open-minded enough to talk about us having a family. The only thing I’m trying to avoid by denying it is, I just don’t want those horrible pictures in magazines where they circle your stomach and point and go ‘baby bump!’ ” — Portia de Rossi. [LA Times]
  • “I went to a pitch meeting for a show last year and the guy in the office asked me why is it that people do drag? And I said why is it that more people don’t do drag? What in our culture keeps us from dressing up and using all the colors in the creative box? The answer to that question is we grow up in a fear culture that says blacks go there, and Jews go there, and it’s really interesting that we inflict these margins and parameters on our lives. I have to credit drag with helping me tear down a lot of those walls. Once you tear down one wall its like, you know what, we could have a really great room if we tore down all of these.” — RuPaul. [The Daily Beast]
  • “Bad behaviour makes men more glamorous. Women get destroyed, thrown out of society and locked up in institutions. My mother had me locked up in an insane asylum the first time I told her I was doing drugs. A really heavy place. Mick [Jagger] came and got me out.” — Marianne Faithfull. [Telegraph]
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