Louisiana Republican Would Ban Pride Flag from Government Buildings


Over the weekend in Louisiana, a rag-tag team of miserable dinosaurs began to assemble. Their goal? To ensure that we can no longer display the gay pride flag on Louisiana government property — because an emblem of equal rights for all American citizens is an affront to American values. Miserable dinosaur logic is the soundest of all logics.

City-Parish Councilman Andy Naquin began to draft a proposal limited which types of flags can be hoisted on government property after he was contacted by Korean War veteran Ray Green. Green was deeply offended after seeing an image of the pride flag flying in Lafayette Park, accompanying a newspaper story about post-DOMA decision celebrations. In perhaps the most curmudgeonly string of words to reveal an antiquated viewpoint about gay rights since “legalistic argle-bargle”, Green shared his reaction with the paper in question, the Daily Advertiser:

“I did not go overseas and fight for our country so that we could come back and be subject to something like that. Several of us (veterans) feel that the flying of this flag is a poke in the eye of a way of life.”

A poke in the eye. Other things that probably constitute pokes-in-the-eye: that raucous hippity-hop music that the grandkids like so much, tube tops, microwave burritos. According to Green, though, he is not “against the gays,” but against “the act itself.” He also adds, “I’m against the possibility of them getting together for another demonstration and taking down the American flag.” Because celebrating a Supreme Court decision all-too-often devolves into frantic, bestial American flag shredding.

Amanda Kelley, president of the Acadiana OUTspoken Alliance, says that the ordinance “seems like a violation of freedom of speech.” She also points out that OUTspoken’s membership includes veterans: “We fought for this country, too. It was in no way meant to be disrespectful.”

“Gay pride flag display at Lafayette park raises ire” [The Daily Advertiser]
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