Mad Genius Creates Ice Cream That Changes Color While You Eat It

In Depth

Dear everyone like me who orders ice cream based on the pretty colors: your mind is about to be blown by a legit ice cream that changes color as you eat it. If I traveled back in time and told 10-year-old me this was going to be a thing, I’m pretty sure he’d pass out.

It’s called Xamaleón, and no, I’m not going to tell you what that means in Spanish, because come on, look at it for five seconds and use your brain.* Spanish physicist/mad dessert sciencemeister Manuel Linares designed it as his thesis project for a Masters Diploma in “Creating Artisan Ice Cream.” Yes, that is a thing you can do now, because the future is full of wonder and majesty and don’t you dare try to take that away from us. Anyway, Linares won’t share what’s in it (his formula is still patent-pending), but he says it’s a simple matter of chemistry: “Any food can change color depending on temperature and oxidation.”

The ice cream starts out as a light blue, then gets sprayed with something Linares calls “love elixir” (oy, let’s…let’s work on that name, Manuel) which turns it pink. Then as you eat it, it shifts the full range from blue to purple to pink to the point where it looks more like something you’d see on Adventure Time than something occupying the real world. Apparently it tastes like a fruit medley, although there’s no actual word whether it’s good or not (I don’t care, I’d still eat it at least once).

So, any of our resident science experts have any idea/care to share how Linares might’ve pulled it off? Because this is really freaking cool.

* Because I know people are going to argue about this: yes, everyone on the internet knows octopi are way more badass than chameleons when it comes to color-shifting, but no one has successfully made “octoponic” an adjective, so we’re still going with “chameleonic.”

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