Madonna Wants To Tour With Lady Gaga

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A source claims that Madonna is “absolutely obsessed” with Lady Gaga and wants Gaga to open her next world tour.[NewsoftheWorld]

  • “[Madonna] thinks [Gaga] is the most cutting-edge star to come out of pop in ages and desperately wants to work with her,” says the source, who notes that Gaga can “name her price.” [NewsOfTheWorld]
  • Fantasia Barrino hit the stage last night in Las Vegas to sing a few songs and let the crowd know that she’s not planning on stopping any time soon: “They thought I was finished, they thought I was done. I would never ever stop, I don’t care what no one says.” [People]
  • Nick Cannon says his wife, Mariah Carey, would make a good mother: “She’s nurturing with me and makes me breakfast at anytime and that’s my favorite food. It would be like 3 o’clock in the morning and she will still make me waffles. She’ll be the best mom.” [People]
  • Paris Hilton‘s lawyer has a message for you regarding his client’s recent arrest for cocaine possession: “Paris Hilton was released this morning on her own recognizance. This matter will be dealt with in the courts not in the media and I encourage people not to rush to judgment until all of the facts have been dealt with in a court of law. There will be no interviews and no more comments at this time.” [USWeekly]
  • Harry Connick, Jr. thinks Sandra Bullock is “an incredible woman,” and he doesn’t understand how Jesse James could have treated her the way he did: “I pray for her and I send her emails and tell her I love her and I hope she’s doing well. That woman is one of the fiercest, strongest most dedicated people I know. It’s sucks, man. Let’s put it this way, if she was my wife I would be on my knees thanking God that I had a woman like that. Everybody’s different but I know her pretty well. Like my wife now, I wouldn’t screw that up for all the money in the world, for anything.” [DailyMail]
  • Kelly Osbourne is not a fan of being “lumped in” with other famous celebrity children: “I think for me it’s just about not being classified as a ‘celeb daughter’. A lot of them make me sick – so many of them walk around with such a bratty sense of entitlement, and then people start thinking that all celebrity children are like that. So I hate being lumped in with that crowd of girls.” [ContactMusic]
  • The president of Vivid Entertainment says he wants to see proof of Spencer Pratt‘s alleged sex tape; Pratt wants $5 million for footage of his estranged wife, Heidi Montag and former Playboy model Karissa Shannon, but no one has actually seen proof that the tape exists. [TMZ]
  • Angelina Jolie had to give up veganism for her health: “I joke that a big juicy steak is my beauty secret. But seriously, I love red meat. I was a vegan for a long time, and it nearly killed me. I found I was not getting enough nutrition.” [DigitalSpy]
  • Kate Moss is ending her TopShop collaboration stint, but there are no hard feelings: “There have been no dramas and we don’t need a new muse. There is only one Kate and we are not looking for a replacement. Kate has done 14 collections with us. It has been fantastic for us and fantastic for her, but they take more and more time and she cannot do this full-time any more because she has other commitments.” [ContactMusic]
  • The cast of The Real Housewives Of New York are reportedly upset that they’re making less money than Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi of Jersey Shore, and that they want better pay before they re-sign for the next season of the show. [PageSix]
  • “Plenty of dumb people want to f**k me. Oh god, that’s not going to play well in print, is it? I think it’s great. What are you worried about, offending dumb people? Yeah, I could be alienating the dumb people who want to f**k me. I’m just happy that anybody considers me a sex symbol at all. It does not cause me any amount of grief to be objectified in any way. I welcome it.”-Mary Louise Parker, in Vanity Fair. [DigitalSpy]
  • A source says that Tom Cruise has become a “professional and personal guru” to Zac Efron: “Tom and Zac clicked the minute they met. Now, when Zac gets a script to consider, his first call is to Tom. Tom warned Zac to diversify and not get pigeon-holed in one type of role.” [ContactMusic]
  • Jemaine Clement says he and his Flight of the Conchords partner, Bret McKenzie “were over the moon” about being asked to be on The Simpsons: “We don’t play ourselves, because most people won’t know who we are, but they’ll look like yellow versions of ourselves. We play counsellors at an arts camp that Lisa’s going to. It’s pretty fun. We just went to a studio and recorded it, but, yeah, we were really flattered. I remember begging my mother to let me stay up and watch The Simpsons when it started as short sketches on The Tracey Ullman Show.” [Guardian]
  • “I don’t know what I’m going to do next. I have no idea and it’s kind of a cool place to be. For the rest of the year I’ll be really taking care of myself because I’ve reached 35 and I’ve taken a lot of things seriously, maybe too seriously at times, so I’m going to make sure that whatever I do next and whatever choices I make are really right for me. And we’ll see where that takes me.”-Leonardo DiCaprio [ShowbizSpy]
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