Man Says He Was MJ's Lover; Tito & Jenna Drop Charges

  • In an interview that airs tonight on Extra, a dermatologist’s assistant named Jason Pfieffer claims he had a”passionate and sexual” relationship with Michael Jackson to the day he died.

Dr. Arnold Klein says he once walked in on them and MJ was shirtless. “When you see two people looking at each other you know what’s happening. I was just very happy for both of them,” said Klein. Pfieffer adds, “I just assumed that he was probably bisexual. I know we loved each other, I know he told me that all the time. I believe that he was probably my soulmate.” [Extra]

  • Tito Ortiz and Jenna Jameson now say the alleged domestic violence incident last week was a big misunderstanding. Tito says he found two OxyContin pills and jumped to conclusions, but Jenna’s not an addict. Jenna says, “What actually happened has now been dramatically distorted and misinterpreted and remarks that both Tito and I made after the police arrived reflect the state of shock that we were both in.” [TMZ]
  • Brittany Murphy‘s mom and her husband Simon Monjack deny that they’re romantically involved, but they’re still living together and generally being creepy. For example, they’re trying to sell a tell-all book about Brittany, but no publisher wants it. ”Sadly, unless that book reveals some pretty salacious stuff — which I doubt they have, except for eating-disorder and prescription-drug stuff — it’s not enough to sell many books,” said one of Brittany’s “professional associates.” [ONTD]
  • Moving vans were spotted at Sandra Bullock‘s home in New Orleans unloading furniture. [TMZ]
  • Radar has deduced that the next step in Sandra Bullock‘s divorce is for Jesse James to be served with a petition, as that’s how these things go. [Radar]
  • Jesse James mistress Melissa Smith says she wouldn’t have slept with him if she knew he was adopting a baby. [Radar]
  • In a radio interview, Lindsay Lohan said she’s “working a lot” and “in a really good place” adding, “my sister is fine and she’s in school.” [TMZ]
  • Lindsay Lohan also said in the interview, “It’s not a crime to go and have fun with your friends. I actually haven’t been out in over a week.” Making up for lost time, she then stayed out partying until 5 a.m. last night. [TMZ]
  • According to Lindsay Lohan‘s Tweets, Samantha Ronson asked her to leave a party for Timbaland last night, then said that Sam had stayed over two nights ago and was now “playing the innocent card.” Sam responded, “If you’re gonna be an idiot and do coke- do it outside the bathroom- some of us actually use them to pee in,” and “Jack and crack will make for some crazy tweets.” [Star]
  • More Twitter dramz from Lindsay and Sam: Sam wrote, “‘I’m not here. This isn’t happening.’ If I sing that to myself enough times will it be true?” and Lindsay said, “I’m pretty sure that @samantharonson just threw a fit @33years old and my friend tal @draishollywood illegally open NOW at this hour, Asked me, after being here jus for Timbalands birthday-to leave even though she stayed over just 2nights ago-tired of @samantharonson.” [Radar]
  • Roman Polanski‘s lawyers have asked a L.A. judge to unseal testimony by the original prosecutor in his case, in the hope that it will convince the Swiss that the extradition request is based on false statemetns by the L.A. district attorney’s office. [AP]
  • Christie Brinkley‘s rep denies that she had a facelift while her daughter Alexa Ray Joel was getting a nose job saying, “Alexa had breathing difficulties due to a deviated septum and decided to correct the appearance of her nose at the same time. As far as Christie is concerned, she was at Lenox Hill to support her daughter, and throughout her career people have speculated that she’s done this or that, which she always chooses to take as a compliment.” [Daily Express]
  • A friend says Audrina Patridge got breast implants because she “feels she has to be perfect to continue her career in TV and film.” [Us]
  • A source says Mick Jagger banned his 18-year-old daughter Georgia May from attending a party in London. “Georgia wanted to go and had accepted the invitation. But she respects her parents and had to obey their rules. Mick wants her to focus on her exams. She’s only got a few months to go so this is a crucial time,” says the source. [Daily Express]
  • “In his first interview since he left NBC, Conan O’Brien tells 60 Minutes that he would have left NBC rather than do what Jay Leno did to him.” The interview airs Sunday; more info at the link. [LA Times]
  • Courtney Love says she’s thinking about selling the rights to Kurt Cobain‘s back catalogue. “It’s not a financial decision; it’s an emotional one,” she says. “He was the best friend I’ve ever had, but Kurt and I were only married for three years, and now I need to have my own life. I’m always ‘the widow’ and that drives me nuts. That money has been cursed since the day it started to come in. It’s not really my money. I don’t want Kurt Cobain to buy me shoes anymore. I want to buy my own shoes – lots of them.” [Contact Music]
  • According to an insider, the D.A. sent Heather Locklear‘s hit-and-run case back to the sheriff’s office for further investigation because there is no evidence linking her to the scene. The sign she allegedly knocked over cost $275, but continuing the investigation will cost thousands. [TMZ]
  • Lionsgate will distribute Katherine Heigl‘s new movie One for the Money, which is based on the Janet Evanovich crime novel series. Heigl plays a, “30ish divorcee who gets a job with her slimy cousin in the bail bond business. Her first big case involves a local cop wanted for murder who is the guy who broke her heart in high school.” [Deadline]
  • Us is reporting that Bret Michaels could resume his tour by the end of May, but his rep says, “He is still in [the] hospital in ICU so we are taking it day by day as he gets tested and recovers.” [Access Hollywood]
  • Mindy McCready‘s lawyer says she isn’t going to fight the release of her sex tape next week, as Vivid Entertainment has produced a document she signed transferring the rights to the company. However, he says “Mindy has no recollection of signing it,” because a day later she was hospitalized for 11 days and, “she was in and out of a comatose state because of alcohol and previous injuries from being beaten. She was in no mental capacity to enter into a legal contract.” [Radar]
  • At a hearing today over Paris Hilton‘s film Pledge This!, attorneys for the producers argued that Paris should return the $1 million she made from the film because she refused to do interviews to promote it. Paris’ lawyer said, “Paris Hilton is a brand. That is her value, and how she makes money. She did substantial publicity.” [AP]
  • Erin Andrews‘ stalker Michael Barrett has signed over the rights to the 10 naked peephole videos he took to Andrews. [Smoking Gun]
  • A Twitter follower asked Lisa Rinna, “Sorry Lisa, but your lips look awful…how on Earth do you think that looks good?” She replied, “Shame on you! How rude! If you cannot say anything nice then don’t say anything at all!!” [Us]
  • Mark McGrath‘s fiancée, Carin Kingsland, gave birth to twins today, son Lyndon Edward and daughter Hartley Grace. [People]
  • More than you want to know about the personal life of Jon Gosselin‘s new lawyer Mary Vidas at the link. [Radar]
  • Molly Ringwald says she wrote her book Getting The Pretty Back because, “When I was turning 40, I felt that there were no books out there that hit the spot in terms of what I wanted to read. It is such an interesting moment in any woman’s life — the moment when you can really no longer call yourself an ingenue. For me it is like the halfway point … It’s complicated, but doesn’t necessarily have to be dark and gloomy. So I set out to write the book that I wanted to read. I wanted it to be fun, and sexy, and colorful. And I also wanted it to be relatable, kind of like sitting with a good friend and recalling moments, both light and serious, while you share a great bottle of wine. I’m in a somewhat unique position where many people feel like they grew up with me, so I felt that people would take the book in the spirit with which it was written.” [Salon]
  • Mickey Rourke said in a recent interview: “I worked with an actress recently who, despite having a reputation as a good actress, shits herself when that little red light comes on. She’s fooled everyone into thinking she’s a lot better than she is. Working with someone like that is a pain in the ass,” then Tweeted that he was talking about Gwyneth Paltrow. However, his rep says he, “does not have a Twitter account (and he) holds Gwyneth in the highest regard.” [Daily Express]
  • Countess LuAnn de Lesseps says her Real Housewives castmates have heard her single, “Money Can’t Buy You Class,” and, “They love it! They actually like it a lot, and I think they’ve been pretty honest. But people have been listening to it – oh boy, and they have their opinions! It’s a novelty record, you know? I’m not going out there saying that I’m Beyoncé. I’m not trying to be a pop star.” [N.Y. Magazine]
  • When asked if he’s trying to shed his bad boy image, Colin Farrell said, “Other people have said that’s what I have been trying to do, I have never been quoted as saying that. You live your life and people try to categorize how you live your life, and that’s the job of the media to a certain extent. I try not to concern myself with it too much.” [Reuters]
  • “I love and adore being a mother. It’s the greatest gift I’ve ever been given. Having children flips the game from being about you to about what you can create in a home and what your responsibilities are. I’ve thought about quitting acting, but I love what I do so much – it’s the big conundrum of my life. So I’m fighting to keep my foot in the business, be creative and stimulated, and still take care of my children.” — Uma Thurman [Daily Express]
  • Q: Is acting more fun for you now? Michael Caine: “Yes, because I’ve got to an age where I don’t get the girl anymore, I get the part, so the pressure is off. Now I do exactly what I want, but I’m my own worst critic, and I try to make life more difficult for myself. I’m still pushing myself to see how good I can become as an actor.” [Reuters]
  • Naomi Watts on her character in Mother and Child: “I was kind of afraid of this strength of hers; I didn’t understand how it worked. She’s often doing things that were very confusing to me. I understand that she’s a powerful woman, but is she evil? I think it was just that she’s in a lot of pain and has been badly wounded. She doesn’t hold men-not just men, human beings-in the highest regard.” [Elle]
  • When asked if he’ll kiss Monte Carlo co-stars Selena Gomez, Leighton Meester, and Katie Cassidy onscreen, Cory Monteith said, “I cannot confirm or deny. I’m not going to ruin anything. I’ve got to keep you guessing.” [E!]
  • When asked whom she admires, Joan Rivers said, “I admire so many people. I guess the children who work in my basement making jewelry. I admire them tremendously! [Laughs] Aretha Franklin – because she’s fat and she doesn’t care. I think it’s great. I spend my life dieting, and I love to see a heavy woman saying, ‘This is who I am’ … and is proud to buy two seats on an airplane. I hate to get on airplanes: You gotta put a seatbelt on, and obviously Victoria Beckham was sitting there right before you and you have to let it out. I admire Kathy Griffin, because she works like a dog, she deserves everything she got. Cher, again, because she works like a trooper. I like people who work. Donald Trump – this man knows every move he’s making. He just forges ahead, he doesn’t believe in ‘no’; he doesn’t believe in negatives. There’s such self-confidence and drive, and you just get on that bandwagon with him. I love people like that.” [Daily Front Row]
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