Man Tries to Find Love During Customer Service Chat, Gets Burned Hard


Another day, another lesson learned. Today it’s this: Don’t try to flirt with your customer service rep. They’re paid to be nice, not read your bullshit innuendo. And one man learned that harsh truth when he tried to pick up “Jill,” the woman trying to help him find a lost package.

I don’t know whether “Daniel” was trying to pick Jill up because he thought it would be a fun experiment (lol, harassing people at their work) or whether this was just an exercise in abject desperation, but here’s hoping her reply (or non-reply as the case may be) will teach him to go back to the world of actual dating websites and stop looking for romance in all the wrong chat rooms. (I also hope his package is delayed.) (Mainly because I’m expecting something and it is two days late and I am spiteful.)

Also: Typos are not an open invitation for cybersex. I thought we all knew that, but apparently we don’t. So that’s something.

Lead image via shutterstock; Computer image via Reddit

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