Marriage Story Could've Been Called Marriage, Is It Bad?


Do you hear the rumbling underfoot? That’s the sound of a thousand stylists in chunky sneakers rushing around to various showrooms in Los Angeles, yelling on the phone and battling for supremacy on the awards circuit red carpet deathmatch tournament, which climaxes in two weeks at the 92nd Annual Academy Awards. Luckily, Jezebel is here to explain all the movies in Oscar contention.

Maybe you are a purist for the ceremony and have already planned a wide array of groan-inducing punny foods to serve some coworkers and acquaintances, ready to fight about your favorite movie. Or maybe you have an actual job and a life outside the ever-spinning wheel of pop culture and haven’t yet seen Marriage Story, even though it’s right there on Netflix, and if you just sat down for a bit maybe you could get through it. You’ve seen the meme, though!

Either way, this video is here to help, because unlike you: I don’t have a life, love to fight, and sat through more Oscars movies than I would ever care to in my fucking life. (Until next year, at least!) Beware of spoilers!

Producer: Lisa Fischer, Senior Producer: Jennifer Perry, Editor: Michael Pasquariello

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