Martha Stewart's Dog Bites Editor In The Face, Literally


A prominent member of the Martha Stewart media empire — her dog Sharkey, who has an official blog — was very bad at a photoshoot at one of Martha’s houses yesterday, a well-placed source tells us.

Sharkey (pictured at left) is no ordinary dog — Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia’s site hosts a blog, The Daily Wag, that he “co-writes.” From Sharkey’s official bio:

I also really love to intimidate the donkeys even though a kick from them would probably really hurt. Francesca complains that I’m much too spontaneous and daring, but I just really like to have fun.

Apparently Sharkey’s idea of fun includes biting an editor in the face. The victim — Blake Ramsey, an editor at Martha Stewart Living — is said to be fine and have returned to work today. It’s unclear whether she’ll be compensated in any way, although well-wishers may want to check out her side business of jewelry and accessories.

We asked a rep at MSLO for comment, but they passed.

Stewart recently lamented that it’s against the law to throw things at your employees. So maybe it’s a good thing Sharkey was around to channel her rage in a more socially acceptable fashion.

Sharkey’s Bio [The Daily Wag]
The Handle Spout [Official Site]

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