Marvel's Spider-Girl Costume Is Pink and Frilly Because Girls


Are you the parent of a little girl who loves Spider-Man? Are you also a limited asshole with narrow views on gender identity? If you answered yes to both questions then do I ever have the child halloween costume for you!

Tumblr user Ami Angelwings was recently browsing the Halloween section at Walmart when she stumbled upon this saucy and horrifying little Spider-Girl number. As you can see, Spider-Girl is like Spider-Man only she dresses in pink, wears go-go boots and has the added bonus of limited mobility thanks to her skirt. Not to worry, though — it’s not like a superhero named Spider-Girl will ever have to climb around on buildings or anything.

But seriously, this costume is awful and I say that as someone who, as a child, loved the frilliest stuff you can imagine. Even 3-year-old me — who wore pink dresses constantly — would not touch this costume with a ten-foot web that I shot from my hands.

Let’s let Ami Angelwings reiterate why this is so dumb:

If your child likes Spider-Girl and wants to dress up as her, wouldn’t they be really disappointed at this costume? And if they don’t care about looking like Spider-Girl, what’s even the point of having this costume under the Spider-Girl brand with the heroine right on the front to sell it?

If your child wants to be a superhero, let them dress like a superhero. And on a related note, can we please fast-forward to a time when there no longer has to be a designated girl version and boy version for everything? That shit is long past tired.

[Ami Angelwings]

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