Meet the Press Ponders Whether a Grandma Can Run for President


On yesterday’s special Easter 420 edition of Meet the Press, host David Gregory continued to harp on the bored pundit nonquestion of whether or not the birth of Hillary Clinton’s grandchild will impact her decision to run or not run for President in 2016. Unfortunately, no one had the stones to respond, “I don’t know, David. Did the birth of your three children make you worse at your job?”

Last week, Callie addressed the ridiculousness of news media speculating on Hillary’s fitness for office in light of the fact that her daughter Chelsea is having a child. Lots and lots and lots of sensible people agreed that while it’s fun to talk about new babies — everyone except the clinically babyphobic or cranky loves adorable wittle babies! — pegging it to will Hillary run in a desperate attempt for new talking points in a news nonstory devoid of new information is a pretty gross way to carry the sexism mothers face into a new generation of women who really shouldn’t have to deal with this shit. David Gregory went with it, anyway.

Hillary Clinton is out talking this week. She was talking about immigration. What really has people talking are a couple of things: 1) the cover of her book. Her memoir is coming out: Hard Choices. And the news that Chelsea, her daughter, is having a baby. So I wonder, Radhika, whether the hard choice she might be referring to is: Is she going to run? Is this still a real question? Does the fact that she’s going to become a grandmother, on top of some of the other considerations, factor into this question?

At least he’s not joining the ranks of conservative hosts who believe that Hillary Clinton is such a powerful she-warlock that she somehow convinced her daughter to get pregnant at a time that would bolster her image with the public in time for the 2016 primary season.

Still, for a nationally televised mainstream news show that ostensibly exists to advance rather than slow the national conversation, talking about the impact of Hillary Clinton’s grandbaby on Hillary Clinton’s yet-unannounced political run is making us all dumber. Stop.

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