Meghan Thinks The GOP Is Scared; Pat Thinks You're Gay

  • Meghan McCain thinks older Republicans are scared shitless at the thought of changing their position on same-sex marriage. She doesn’t realize that it’s because their boyfriends might start demanding it. [Huffington Post]
  • American journalist Roxana Seberi has been jailed in Iran on charges of spying that even Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadenijad considers specious. [NY Times]
  • That’s slightly different than Congresswoman Jane Harman trying to get actual charges for actual spies dropped in exchange for lobbyists to work on getting her a Committee gavel. [CQ]
  • Hey, y’all, apparently Rahm Emanuel needed some guy in Israel to remind him he’s Jewish. Was there a picture snapped of him eating bacon? [Jerusalem Post]
  • At the Summit of the Americas, there was no violence and Obama promised to pay attention to human rights abuses and not assassinate Bolivian President Evo Morales. [NY Times]
  • Republicans, naturally, are pissed. [Politico]
  • Former CIA-chief and torture apologist Michael Hayden says that Obama, by releasing details of all the ways Hayden liked to torture people, Obama is putting America at risk. And, by America, he means “Michael Hayden.” [CNN]
  • He should be scared, because the UN is calling for his prosecution. Just kidding! [ThinkProgress]
  • Rush Limbaugh says that John McCain is proof that torture works. He doesn’t care that he just announced his support for re-making the American government in the image of North Vietnam. [ThinkProgress]
  • Senator Claire McCaskill and lots of other people think it’s unseemly to have a torture-advocate on the federal bench as a judge, and so they might try to impeach him. [ThinkProgress]
  • There’s a dude in the White House whose sole job it is to read letters and give 10 a day to Obama. [NY Times]
  • Pat Robertson called the bureaucrats at DHS a bunch of closet cases. For one, Pat Robertson should know. For two, members of the party of Larry Craig should probably be careful of starting gay witch hunts. [ThinkProgress]
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