Melissa McCarthy 'Horrified' Guests at Adam Levine's Halloween Party

Fun fact: Melissa McCarthy used to live in the same neighborhood at Adam Levine. Another fun fact: he’s one of the few celebrities she gets “goofy” for, which is why she jumped at the opportunity to head to his Halloween party a few years back. It did not go as planned.

McCarthy and her friend Jennifer Esposito showed up, McCarthy dressed as her Aunt Bernice. Unfortunately for them, their clothes diverged sharply from the dress code for this party: every other woman “was in a different kind of bikini.” Yeah, I suppose that’s what happens when you try to get wacky with a guy who exclusively dates Victoria’s Secret models.

“People were literally like, ‘What are you?!” McCarthy told Jimmy Kimmel Monday night. How could they have been so confused? I mean, look at this photo! What stunning commitment to the cause of Halloween.

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