Mike Huckabee's Other Loser Son Played a Sleazeball in a Terrible Movie


Welcome to Loser Sons of Politics, a new column where members of the Jezebel staff recall with fondness the antics of the loser sons of politicians.

Today’s item fills us with joy, in that it involves a story where no one has been sexually abused, drove drunk, or killed any dogs, allegedly. It’s just John Mark Huckabee, son of Mike Huckabee, being a terrible actor in a movie we’re dying to see.

Tucker Carlson fansite the Daily Caller reports that John Mark played a sleazy movie producer in a “raunchy” film, an uncompleted, unreleased little number called Charlie Muse. John Mark, who lives in Forth Worth, is described as a “screenwriter” on Wikipedia; he has four credits on IMDB, two acting credits, one in the electrical department and one “miscellaneous crew.” The clip the Caller found looks to be his finest work:

“You gotta have a thick skin and a willingness to do whatever it takes to succeed,” John Mark, clad in a horrific ginger mustache, tells a glum-looking woman. “Do you not think that there’s not an A-list actor out there that’s never had to show some tit or suck a little dick to get a part? You know what I mean, sweet cheeks?” The woman rolls her eyes and looks around, presumably searching out a potted plant in which to be violently ill.

The Daily Caller reports that the clip has been on John Mark’s YouTube page since 2013, but was quickly removed after they got in touch with Charlie Muse’s director. But… how come? It looked really good! In fact, if anyone wants to email us more clips, you can go ahead and do so here.

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Screengrab via YouTube/The Daily Caller, Losers Sons-ified by non-loser Bobby Finger

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