Miss Thailand Gives Up Title Over Criticism of Political Comments


A Thai beauty queen has given up her crown in response to criticism over Facebook posts she made about her country’s politics.

Weluree Ditsayabut, 22, said she was giving up the title due to intense criticism on social media over her political views. Via Fox:

Weluree was criticized for comments she posted on Facebook attacking the “Red Shirt” supporters of the former government, whom she accused of opposing Thailand’s monarchy, and calling for the execution of their leaders. “You Red Shirts, you get out of here,” she wrote in mid-November, before winning her title.
“Thailand’s soil is dirty because of anti-monarchy people like you.” Weluree said that because of the criticism, “the happiness we used to have disappeared totally.” “When I saw my mom not being able to sleep at night, I couldn’t either,” she told a news conference. She didn’t specify which remarks she found most hurtful.
Weluree’s comments struck at the heart of Thailand’s long-running political crisis, expressing the attitude of the country’s educated elite and royalists toward the government of then-Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra. Yingluck, who was backed by many in Thailand’s rural north and northeast, was forced to step down last month, and the military soon afterward staged a coup against the elected civilian government.

“I am not neutral. I am on the side of His Majesty the King,” Weluree said in a Facebook post that has since been deleted, according to CNN.

Pro-government supporters questioned Weluree’s pageant victory on popular online forums and social media sites. A Facebook page in protest of her winning the competition garnered thousands of “likes” — although some users criticized her appearance and claimed she won because of her connections, rather than raising concerns about her anti-red shirt comments.

According to reports, she was also attacked on social media by people who called her “fat.” Because that’s what assholes do when a woman voices an opinion they don’t agree with, obviously.

“At first, my family was happy for me when I was crowned,” Weluree said Monday. “But there’s no more happiness following waves of criticism from the society.” She said the decision was hers alone, and thanked the pageant judges and her fans for their support.

The move means she will not compete in the upcoming Miss Universe pageant, but it is not clear whether her crown will pass to runner up Pimbongkod “Ellie” Chankaew.

Image via AP Images.

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