Mob Attacks Prince Charles And Camilla's Car


Rioters attacked a car carrying Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles last night in what some are calling the UK’s “worst political violence in years.”

According to the Daily Mail, protesters had already gathered outside Parliament to demonstrate against tuition fee hikes that could triple what British university students pay. The cap on fees will rise from £3,290 a year to £9,000, and, says shadow business secretary John Denham, “Most graduates will be asked not to pay something towards their university education, but to pay the entire cost of their university education.” The result: protesters set bonfires and scrawled graffiti in Parliament Square, and when they found out that Charles and Camilla were traveling in a Rolls-Royce nearby, they rushed to the scene. Rioters splashed the car with paint and banged on it while yelling “Tory scum!” and “‘Off with their heads!” They apparently broke a window, and some were carrying cans of gas that could have caused an explosion if ignited.

The royal couple were unharmed, though according to CBS, Camilla needed “a rather stiff brandy to calm her nerves.” It’s unclear if heads will roll among the royal security detail. Some are criticizing them for letting Charles and Camilla get into harm’s way in the first place, but Metropolitan Police chief Paul Stephenson claims it’s a big success that nobody got shot. We know what you’re really wondering though — what does this mean for Will and Kate? Answer, according to CBS: “the violent group’s ability to come within inches of the man next in line to sit on the throne will doubtless prompt a review of security plans for the wedding of Charles’ son, Prince William, being planned for this summer.” So everybody relax, the wedding is still on — you just might not be able to bring your can of gasoline.

‘They Were Lucky Not To Be Shot’: Police Chief Says Armed Officers Showed ‘Enormous Restraint’ As Mob Attacked Charles And Camilla [Daily Mail]
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Royal Couple ‘Looked Terrified’ In Car Attack [AP]

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