Mom Develops App So Kids Can't Ignore Calls From Parents


A mom who was fed up with her kids dodging her calls invented an app that makes it harder to ignore calls from parents.

One time, in high school, I went to a party at a friend’s house. My mom was fine with me going, but asked me to please call her when I got there so she would know I was safe and everything was OK. I rolled my eyes and said something obnoxious. (I was a horrible teenager. She should have put me up for adoption when I turned 14.) At the party, I decided I was too “cool” to check in with my mom and blew it off. A few hours later my mother showed up, in her bathrobe, at the party. She walked through the crowd, smiling at all my stunned friends, found me and said “Oh good! You’re not dead. Well I guess I can finally get some sleep now.” She grabbed a soda out of a cooler and went home. The message was simple: Don’t ignore your mother’s request to call her.

Sharon Standifird helped develop an app called “Ignore No More” to help frustrated parents in similar situations. Like so many other parents, Standifird was tired of not hearing from her kids when she asked them to call.

“We need to develop an app that just shuts their phone completely down and they can’t even use it,” Standifird told CBS New York. “And I started — literally just started researching how to develop an app.”

So after months of design and working with developers, “Ignore No more” was born. With one tap, a list of only parent-selected contacts come up. The child can call, get the password and unlock the phone.
“I’m the person that has the unlock password,” Standifird said. “It takes away texting, it takes away the gaming, it takes away calling their friends. The child will always be able to call 911,” said Standifird.

If my phone shut down and I could not tweet or play Angry Birds I’d probably have a meltdown. Standifird said her son now calls her back immediately (of course). I wonder about other applications for this type of app. What if people did used this in other relationships? Can you imagine if you wife or husband told you they wanted you to install this? I could see employers doing this too. I don’t know. It’s Sunday night and my mind is wandering.

For now, the app is only available for Android (sorry iPhone parents).

Image via Shutterstock.

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