Mom Wears Dress to Graduation That Got Daughter Sent Home From School


After a North Carolina high school student was sent home in tears on the last day of her senior year for wearing a floral dress that teachers said was a half-inch too short, her mom decided to stand up against the school’s arbitrary dress codes by wearing the same outfit to the graduation ceremony days later.

“If I thought this dress was inappropriate, I would have never allowed her to wear the dress,” Amy Redwine said of the outfit her daughter Violet wore that apparently violated the school’s skirt length dress code.

Teachers at Central Davidson High School in Lexington, NC pulled Violet aside at 1 PM on her last day of school to tell her the dress—which she says she had worn a number of times before to school—was too short. They called her mother to tell her that Violet needed to go home and change.

“I thought my last day was going to be great and exciting, but they pretty much ruined it for me,” Violet said.

Violet graduated on Saturday and her mother wore the offending dress to the ceremony.

“If her dress is too short, then my dress is too short and I’m going to wear it in front of everybody and be proud just like she should have been able to on her last day,” Amy said.

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