Mother Kills Son in Hospital Room Before Taking Own Life


An Arizona mother named Lola “Tammy” Griffith, whose child was a patient at a Phoenix-area children’s hospital, took his life before she took her own. Nurses found Griffith and 5-year-old Helious, dead inside the child’s hospital room during a 2 a.m. bed check. While police have not disclosed how the boy passed away, Griffith had died from a fatal gunshot wound.

According to the Arizona Republic, a page, which appeared to have been written by Griffith in early October, described herself as a single mother taking care of her special needs son. Helious was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at the age of one. Griffith’s car had recently blown its engine and she was asking for monetary help in order to replace it with a used vehicle. An update from October 13 written by Griffith said they had managed to raise only $5.

The child had been hospitalized for the past week, but detectives did not say why he was hospitalized, due to rules of privacy. Police also declined to state what they believe the motive was behind the deaths. Investigators from the Arizona Department of Child Safety had contacted Griffith and other family members two days prior. The case involved the welfare of her son.

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