Murkowski Is So Rogue Like That


Watch out, world. Lisa Murkowski is running as a write-in candidate, and she doesn’t care who she pisses off.

On Today this morning, Matt Lauer was surprisingly tough on Lisa Murkowski, pushing back at her decision to run as a write-in candidate (that is, if voters can spell her name better than she did.)

Murkowski kept to a boilerplate, “I’m doing it to Alaska” schtick. But, as Lauer noted, she is pissing off Republicans in the process. And it’s already costing her:

National Republican Senatorial Committee Chairman, John Cornyn, R-Texas, told CNN this is, “the appropriate thing to do. When you chose not to accept the judgment of the primary voters and run as a write in… it has consequences.”

Wow, it’s almost as if she’s decided to break from the establishment (of which she is a time-tested member) and test her own popularity. A little like someone else from Alaska, except more interested in governing.

Murkowski Likely To Be Stripped Of Committee [CNN]

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