Netflix Reviewers Think Your Lady Detectives Are Slutty Sluts


As you all know, we are dealing with a devastating loss in the women-who-solve-murders-that-seem-to-occur-oddly-close-to-wherever-they-happen-to-be genre. With the loss of Murder She Wrote on Netflix and possibly being eons away from the Octavia Spencer reboot of the same-named series, it’s been hard finding a way to fill the void in my lady detective shows.

But I was lucky enough to find a truly awesome substitute, which I highly recommend for all my TV murder-mystery junkies out there. Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries is an Australian show (hey, thanks Ozzies!!!) featuring the fabulously glam lady detective Phryne (pronounced Fry-nee) Fisher.

Based on the books by Kerry Greenwood, Miss Fisher embodies everything about your favorite independent, brash women of the 1920’s—plush, she’s got a sickening wardrobe that will make you want to raid every vintage store in town. The first season of the show, originally broadcast on ABC1, is available on Netflix, and has gotten uniformly rave reviews, for the most part. Except, there’s one teeny tiny problem for some folks.

Phyrne Fisher is a goddamn slut.

Yup, Miss Fisher has the audacity to be an unmarried woman in the 1920’s boldly and brashly sleeping with any hot young man she finds intriguing (and you guise, trust me, they are all pretty hot. I have done the appropriate blogging news research here for you.) She hops into bed with a relative stranger during the first episode and she doesn’t apologize, doesn’t have regrets and doesn’t think twice about it.

Now you might think this is all well-and-good in a day and age when male detective shows feature brooding leading men who routinely bed hop from one lonely damsel in distress to another. But nope! Not for some Netflix reviewers! Despite how great the show looks and how well it’s written, many can’t seem to get beyond the fact that Phyrne likes to have her man-cake and have mind-blowing sex with it, too.

Just take it from Angry Internet Person #1:

I love the look of the show. The costumes are amazing, the set is great, and the actors are quite good too. I just wish the lead charter wasn’t such a (Netflix censored me here). If she wasn’t giving it away to every other guy, the flirtations between her and Jack would be a lot more meaningful and much more entertaining to watch.

Oh Netflix. Please, please stop censoring these people so we can all bask in the wonderful glory of someone who can’t look beyond a lady having some casual sex to enjoy the admittedly great costumes and acting!

Here’s another person who clearly won’t let anything get in the way of their television enjoyment. Except for a woman who likes to get laid, of course.

Awful.We cared not one iota for the main character. Sleeping around and generally being an obnoxious airhead hardly appeals to our investment in time for this trash.

Oh look, this one figured out how to get around Netflix’s bullshit Victorian censorship rules:

Plus, she’s a real s!ut. She shouldn’t be sleeping with witnesses or possible perps.

This poor person would have liked the show, if it weren’t for that trollop-y trollop.

I just wish that Miss Fisher wasn’t such a tramp. I mean she gives it away like Halloween candy. It is hard to respect some one with such little morality. It she had some romance with just ONE person, it would be a four or five star review.

OK seriously, though. These people have no problem watching a show where people are brutally murdered but they can’t handle when an adult woman has a few little sex scenes? One reviewer even complained that the chemistry with the stodgy police detective she works with is ruined because Miss Fisher had sex with someone else. Because you can’t have hot chemistry with someone when you’ve had sex with another person, amirite?

Feel free to love or hate any TV show you want, but when you can’t enjoy a mystery show about a bunch of disturbing, violent murder cases because a lady is having casual sex, then you need to STFU and go find a nice episode of Matlock to watch. For real.

Miss Fisher is available streaming on Netflix right now, if you don’t mind your lady detectives having little casual sex here and there.

Image via Phryne Fisher Facebook

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