Nev Schulman Was 'So Stressed' By the Harassment Allegations Against Him That He Got Shingles


Being accused of “making inappropriate and sexual comments” towards a subject of his docu-series Catfish was “so stressful” for MTV star Nev Schulman that he came down with shingles.

In an interview with Josh Peck (yes, that Josh Peck) on his podcast (yes, Josh Peck has a podcast), Schulman said, “I was so stressed and I was so out of control and desperately trying to get it into my control that I actually got shingles. Most people get it around their chest or ribs. I got it on my head.”

If you perceive Schulman as the kind of man who only takes abuse-free elevators, you will read this stress-induced case of shingles as the result of a woke, innocent man who was falsely accused. (After an investigation, MTV decided her claims were “not credible.”) If, on the other hand, you perceive Schulman as the kind of man who gets expelled from his college for punching a woman in the face, you may interpret the stress… a little differently.

Of MTV’s investigation, Schulman said:

“I was waiting, counting the seconds for them to say ‘Hey it’s all good, Nev’s not a creep.’ I wanted them to do it sooner, but what I wasn’t thinking was the bigger picture and moving forward with the show… Now, looking back, they did a great job.”

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