New Bachelorette Promo Implies Two Male Contestants Fell in Love


In a promo for next week’s episode titled “Brokeback Bachelor,” Bachelorette contestant and Heath Ledger semi-lookalike Clint Arlis is quite vocal about his feelings for fellow contestant/likely serial killer JJ Lane. (You can watch the whole thing here.)

“Falling in love with a man never crossed my mind,” he says. “We’ve become very close in the shower,” he says. “I am a success story,” he also says, and I don’t really see what that has to do with anything.

Queerty, in a blog post published yesterday, appears to believe this is the Real Deal; I am skeptical. ABC’s The Bachelor has a long, rich history of totally making shit up in its promo videos, and Bachelor/Bachelorette contestants have a long, rich history of being ignorant d-bags who would have few qualms with pretending to be gay for laughs and ratings. According to TMZ, these two bros are as straight as it comes (which, I’ll add, is certainly not a given; as a general rule I’m pretty sure approximately 35-50% of Bachelorette contestants are there to hook up with each other).

Meanwhile, Clint has taken to his Twitter account to make sure his hashtag remains active:

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