New York's 2018 Food of the Year Is Booze


In New York City, food is over, and cocktails made from eau de vie and whey are what we’re meant to be consuming for nourishment.

According to Bloomberg, all the restaurants in New York City are a now great big yawn, unless you’re there there to catch a buzz: “There was nothing like the pink peppercorn malfadini that Misi’s co-owner introduced at her first Brooklyn restaurant, Lilia. And nothing that generated the excitement I felt when I walked into Existing Conditions and saw clouds of liquid nitrogen as bartenders put a fast chill on their glassware.”

It has been such a hassle hauling my own pepper mill and liquid nitrogen tanks to bars all these years. Are you currently in Manhattan craving a margarita but completely put off by the idea of translucent liquids? No worries! Something called a Strawberry Carbonita, exists, “which riffs on a fruity margarita by adding bubbles and using clarified strawberry, orange, and lime to make it crystal clear and trick the eye.”

If you get bored of your clear margarita, how about heading into a basement to drink curdled milk and fruit brandy:“At Undercote, the subterranean lounge beneath the Michelin-starred Korean steakhouse Cote, the décor evokes a nighttime jungle. Sondre Kasin crafts drinks such as the Raspberry Beret with eau de vie, citrus, and whey.”

Being out a hundred bucks, hungry, and not drunk truly is the best part of fine dining.

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