Nivea to Dove: Bitch U Can't Be Blue, Blue Is My Thing


This just in: two powerhouse beauty brands are in the dumbest fight ever.

Women’s Wear Daily reports that Beiersdorf, the manufacturing company that owns Nivea, is appealing a 2013 court decision allowing Unilever to use their goddamn shade of blue on Dove’s soap and care products.

At the German high court in Karlsruhe, Beiersdorf argued for the appeal of a patent court decision won by Unilever in 2013, allowing the British-Dutch firm to use the blue shade on its soap and care products. In that decision, the court stated that the color could only be restricted as a trademark if three out of four German consumers associated it solely with that brand or its product. A study by Beiersdorf found that only 57.9 percent in fact did so.

WWD couldn’t resist getting a little funky with this item, throwing out such zingers as “Blue is the hottest color” and “The right to use dark blue on cosmetics bottles and boxes had Dove and Nivea seeing red.”

Ugh, I have so many thoughts on this epic industry shakedown! So…many.

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