NYC Politician Strangely Unflattered by Radio Host Who Wants to Fuck Her


Curtis Sliwa is best known in New York City for running an “anti-crime” group in the ‘80s called the Guardian Angels, and more recently for appearing in some used car commercials. But he’s also making a nice name for himself as someone who says gross stuff about women—most recently Melissa Mark-Viverito, New York’s City Council Speaker. Good comeback, Curtis!

Sliwa is one-half of a talk radio duo called “Curtis and Kuby” on WABC Radio. (Full disclosure: his co-host is Ron Kuby, a civil rights attorney whose clients I’ve written about. We have a warm professional relationship.) Sliwa also makes regular appearances on New York 1 to talk about politics. His version of talking about politics, anyway: earlier this week, he said of City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito, “I’m your papi, right?” Get it? Because she’s Latina and a woman.

The next day, as the New York Daily News notes, Sliwa expanded on his comments during “Curtis and Kuby,” saying he fantasizes about having sex with Mark-Viverito, even though she wears “plain” clothes that don’t suit her “stunning” appearance. Oh my god, Curtis, stop digging.

“I think she’s extraordinarily hot,” the 61-year-old added. “If I’m going to be scorched for being a sexist or misogynist for being attracted to her in her red dress, then I’m guilty.”

Because any attention is good attention, Sliwa added that he also believes the feeling is mutual: “I had an attraction to her, and I have felt some sexual tension when I have been in her presence,” he told Kuby.

Uh, nah, Mark-Viverito responded on Twitter:

(“Payasadas” are clownish stunts. It’s a classy and understated way of calling Sliwa an assclown.)

That was Mark-Viverito’s last comment on the matter. It’s almost like she’s busy helping run the biggest city in the United States. Kuby tells Jezebel that he plans to do some “on air peer-to-peer counseling” with Sliwa, which seems like a good plan.

Sliwa, in a representative moment. Photo via Facebook/Curtis and Kuby

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