Obama Administration Adds Allure, Subtracts Genocide Recognition

  • Actor Kal Penn is joining the Obama Administration as a public relations guy, meaning that speechwriter Jon Favreau will soon be giving up his trophy as the hottest youngster in the Administration. [Huffington Post]
  • Michelle Obama came back early from the Obama’s European tour to spend time with the girls. [Washington Post]
  • But not because they are playing in toxic mulch! [LA Times]
  • Barack Obama, however, stayed in Europe and headed to Turkey where he declined, again, to call the Armenian genocide a genocide. [Washington Post]
  • Also, after he declared that America is not at war with Islam, Ann Coulter’s head exploded. (It made a surprisingly gentle popping noise.) [Washington Post]
  • …Cheney butt-boy Frank Gaffney says this means that President Obama is taking it up the ass from Mohammed at this point. (Frank Gaffney knows from taking it up the ass from men you idolize.) [ThinkProgress]
  • Which is obviously why Obama made an unscheduled stop this morning to visit troops in Iraq. [Guardian]
  • Defense Secretary Robert Gates has had the audacity to point out that we spend a fuckload of money on weapons and military shit that the military doesn’t need to win wars. [Washington Post]
  • All the people who make fuckloads of money by convincing Congress to buy crap our soldiers don’t need — as though there’s something patriotic about robbing them of body armor in order to pay for a new Presidential helicopter so Lockheed execs can have nicer Ferraris — are flipping the fuck out. [Associated Press]
  • Torture: it’s not just for members of our armed forces anymore! [NY Times]
  • Lots of people still really love VP candidate Sarah Palin. [CBS News]
  • Actual Vice President Joe Biden went to a baseball game and cracked jokes about his bald spot and Dan Quayle; there’s video. [Huffington Post]
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