Obama's Flubbed Joke From the WHCD Was Actually Pretty Damn Funny


The White House Correspondents Dinner took place in Washington, D.C. this weekend, meaning we’ve just passed that painful time of the year when our nation’s president attempts to be funny for one relatively short, but often excruciating speech.

In a pleasant turn of events, President Obama actually did a pretty good job this year and delivered his zingers with a pleasant ease for all but one joke, which was unfortunately flubbed thanks to an A.V. error (video above).

“George W. Bush took up painting after he left office, which inspired me to take up my own artistic side,” Obama told the audience, then gesturing to a slide show. But the slide that was the punchline never showed up, leaving the president to remark, “The joke doesn’t work without the slide. Oh well. Assume that it was funny.”

Turns out you don’t have to assume because the White House has since released the image that was meant to be shown during the correspondent’s dinner.

Funny, indeed — thanks mostly to an expert assist by FLOTUS.

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