Oscars Dress Rehearsal Goes Beautifully


“Perfection on the half-shell” is one of my mom’s many weird proprietary expressions. But sometimes, it’s really apropos. And the red-carpet for the Academy Awards Nominations Luncheon was one such occasion.

Don’t you love how Natalie Portman‘s matched her shoes and bag? Sometimes it just looks so polished!

Michelle Williams channels Rosemary’s Baby-era Mia Farrow in what’s gotta be the evening’s best look. (Demon spawn not included.)

Jennifer Lawrence‘s simple, sweet choice could not be a better showcase. And it’s gotta be fun after wearing that one costume throughout the (amazing) Winter’s Bone to now show her full-on glam face.

Maybe I’m biased, but I think Annette Bening‘s glasses make this.

Sometimes Nicole Kidman just looks a little too polished — maybe I just miss her curls.

I know it’s warm in LA, and maybe this is just my (frozen) sour grapes talking, but for February, really? Whatever, Amy Adams looks ready for Singin’ in the Rain‘s “Beautiful Girls” montage, and that’s never a bad thing.

The height of restraint from Helena Bonham-Carter: if it weren’t for the purse, would we be sure it was she?

The resemblance is striking.

[Images via Getty]

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