Outside Agitators Charter Plane to Riot

Outside Agitators Charter Plane to Riot
Photo:Nic Antaya (Getty Images)

Today, the New York Post has a charming little story about Texas radio host and real estate agent Jenna Ryan, an outside agitator with a notably poor grasp of operational security. According to the Post, Ryan and a handful of her pro-Trump compatriots chartered a private plane to fly them from their home state to Washington, D.C., where they planned to “storm the capitol” as a “prelude to war.”

To report this story, the Post wandered over to Ryan’s various social media accounts, which provided a moment-by-moment breakdown of the adventures of this particular plane loaded with thugs: Tagged photographs and tweets show Ryan and her buddies posing in front of the private plane with their luggage and mugging in sunglasses during the flight.

From there, as the Post notes, Ryan simply could not put her phone down:

“We’re gonna go down and storm the Capitol. They’re down there right now and that’s why we came,” the Texan said in a video clip.
The morning of the riots, Ryan livestreamed the walk to Capitol Hill, saying, “All these working class people taking the week off … We flew here for freedom. They want to steal the election, they want to steal everything.”
She continued to ramble, “We the people are pissed off … We flew by a private jet, God wanted us here today. Trump is my president.”
“This is a prelude going to war,” exclaimed Ryan

Later, Ryan posed in front of a broken window at the Capitol and tweeted that storming the federal building was the “best day of my life.”

A canny observer might note that a dangerous conspiracy theory has spread over the last year—and been amplified by the president—suggesting antifa activists would pack into planes and fly out-of-state to incite violence during various protests. Predictably, those Soros-funded antifascists soaring across state lines en masse never appeared, though in more than one instance unaffiliated people were threatened and harassed when they were mistaken for these fictional agitators. How odd, then, that a well-organized plan to charter a plane and travel to D.C. to participate in a riot would be orchestrated by a woman who believes Biden stole the election from Trump.

In any case, if you thought being caught on camera rambling about the coming war might cause Ryan to reconsider her general policy of posting through it, you’d be wrong.

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