Overly Nervous Boyfriend Drops Engagement Ring Into a Pond Mid-Proposal


A man’s romantic footbridge proposal was utterly ruined when, in a fit of nervousness, he dropped the engagement ring into the pond underneath. The newly betrothed couple then spent half an hour digging through muck, trying to find it.

At least he didn’t forget it in an H&M dressing room!

The Daily Mail reports that 31-year-old Sharif Uddin brought 32-year-old Stephanie Jackson to a pond in Bath, in order to propose marriage. (How very Jane Austen! Bonus points to Mr. Uddin.) He brought her to a lovely little park, led her to a picturesque bridge, and got down on one knee. Then he promptly dropped the ring he’d designed for her into three feet of frankly pretty gross-looking water:

So, instead of smooching and calling all their friends and family, the pair frantically combed the (again, super disgusting looking) pond until they finally found the ring. Which isn’t the worst metaphor for married life, probably. “We ended up buying sieves and wellies and after about ten trips to the bottom of the pond, scooping up mud and that, we finally managed to find the ring,” said Jackson. By which point, a crowd had gathered to cheer them on. (But not help them.)

And that is the wise proposer chooses a clean, dry spot with plenty of room for a fumble. Plan ahead, geniuses.

Photo via Shutterstock.

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