Parents Have Sixth Grader Arrested • Man Refused For Breast Cancer Screening


• Police in Florida have arrested a sixth grade boy at the request of his parents, who were enraged after he stole over $7,000 worth of jewelry from his mother and distributed it amongst his classmates. •

• Doctors from the UK are advising women to get tested for chlamydia after each and every new sexual partner. New research also calls into question the effectiveness of the chlamydia tests – and the government testing program, which is designed to target women under age 25. More than half the new cases of the disease in 2008 were in women under age 25. • Hats off to Brianna Kahane, an 8-year-old violin prodigy who has helped raise more than $5 million for charity. Her mother says Brianna “thinks music comes from the soul and it can make the world a better place.” She is currently trying to raise money to repair a crushed music school in Haiti. • Liz Cheney opened a conference for Southern Republicans with a speech that included these remarks about Obama’s healthcare bill: “We still have time to stop this dangerous power play, what I think was one of the most arrogant power plays in American history.” Why don’t you tell us what you really think, Liz? • Politico points out that the same conference had a major flaw: it was held in New Orleans, yet made no mention of Hurricane Katrina. The series of speakers discussed the “vibrant city” and paid tribute to the food, culture, and football team – but no one mentioned the George Bush-sized elephant in the room. • Japanese kunckleballer Eli Yoshida will join the U.S. Independent Golden Baseball League as a player for the Chico Outlaws. “My experience in the Arizona Winter League and hands-on instructions from Boston Red Sox knuckleballer Tim Wakefield (in Florida) increased my wish to play in the United States,” Yoshida said on her blog. “Now I’d like to become a ‘true’ knuckleballer.” • Scientists have long believed that HIV infected women primarily through vaginal tears during intercourse, but new research indicates that there might be another mechanism at play. Researchers from McMaster University theorize that transmission could be caused by the way HIV binds to epithelial cells. • The stepfather of the 7-year-old New Jersey girl who was sold into gang-rape by her older sister has come forward to defend three of her alleged attackers. He showed up to the Trenton courthouse to say the three men “had nothing to do with nothing” after being summoned to the courthouse by family members of the accused. He also claims that these men were trying to help his step daughter, but were kept in the apartment at gunpoint. • A young Muslim woman was killed on Friday in a freak go-kart accident in Australia. The 24-year-old was strangled by her burka when a loose piece of cloth got caught in the wheels. Doctors at a nearby hospital were unable to revive her. • Bayer HealthCare announced today that they have new information on the risks associated with their birth control. The new labeling will state that risks of blood clots from Yaz and Yasmin are similar to that from other brands. • British politicians are targeting women in what is being referred to as the “Mumsnet election,” a nickname that refers to a popular parenting website. Liberals and conservatives are both trying to appeal to the female vote, often by playing up their own roles in the family as devoted fathers or cosmopolitan, sensitive, new-agey dudes. • Alya Brown, daughter of Massachusetts senator Scott Brown, has been named a “special contributor” on The Early Show. Brown filed her first report today on Jordan Romero’s quest to summit Mt. Everest. • A nineteen-year-old was arrested this week for opening a can of malt liquor in the back of a cop car. Asked how she thought she could get away with that, she wisely responded, “I have no right answer for you.” • Some liberal bloggers have suggested Hillary Clinton as a replacement for Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens. But NY Mag‘s Dan Amira points out that she’d have to give up on being president first. • Sarah Palin’s snack of choice for the Southern Republican Leadership Conference: caribou jerky, apparently. • Also in Palin news, she says her slogan “Don’t retreat — reload” refers to activism, not violence. Because you totally load guns with activism. • The Obama girls love Monticello and DC’s Newseum, according to a new interview with Michelle Obama. She started taking them to American attractions because she thought they were learning “‘more about history in Europe than they did here.” • A North Carolina man seeking screening for breast cancer was recently turned away from a clinic because they don’t serve men. Both of Scott Cunningham’s parents had the disease, but federal funds are strictly for women, clinic workers said. •

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