​Party Animal Fakes Kidnapping So He Can Stay Out Late


A 32-year-old man in Greater Manchester in England was the cause of a police investigation and manhunt after telling his girlfriend that he had been kidnapped and held ransom for £50. Why? Dude, was just having a good time at a house party and didn’t want to go home yet. Can you really blame him? (Yes.)

The unnamed culprit masterminded quite the elaborate ruse, pretending that he was taken by some fictitious villainous character to whom he owed £50. The trick was so successful that the culprit’s girlfriend, who spoke with and exchanged texts with the “kidnapper” fell for it! Ha! What a maroon! What an ignoranimus!

So, like a normal human being who just found out her boyfriend was being held hostage, the girlfriend called the cops. Via Daily Mail:

More than a dozen officers began an urgent investigation, which included house to house enquiries, checking CCTV and analysing mobile phone data in a bid to find him.
A number of houses were searched and a man arrested on suspicion of kidnap – but he was later released when he admitted it was a ‘ruse’ to allow his friend to stay out longer.

They finally found the culprit at a house party. AT 1:30 IN THE MORNING. THAT’S NOT EVEN THAT LATE.

A detective inspector with the Greater Manchester Police said it was “without doubt one of the most foolish and irresponsible incidents” she had been involved in, furious that so many resources and time were put into finding a dude that wanted to miss his curfew.

She added that he was ‘fortunate’ to not have been charged as officers decided not to waste more police resources and public money by putting him through the court system.
Instead he was given a fixed penalty notice for wasting police time and the matter was recorded as a criminal conviction on his record.

People, seriously. Learn to communicate. This all could have been avoided if buddy picked up the phone and said, hey, I’m going to be out late. THAT’S ALL. Also, damn letting your friend take the fall? That is cold.

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