People’s Choice Awards 2022: Reality Stars Invade the Purple Carpet

Leave it to the 48th People's Choice Awards—held in a literal airport hanger—to remind you just how vast pop culture really is.

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Kel Mitchell & Kenan Thompson, Shania Twain, and Laverne Cox. Photo: Getty Images (Getty Images)

Live from a Santa Monica airport hanger, the stars turned out on Tuesday for the 48th People’s Choice Awards—a show that gives us yet another option to register our opinions, as if that’s not what the entire internet is all day, every day. Our host for the evening was Kenan Thompson, whose campaign to remind us that he’s not just Saturday Night Live’s most reliable man is ongoing.

Top Gun: Maverick, Bullet Train, and Jordan Peele’s bizarre thriller Nope, went into the night with the most movie nominations, and the absolutely delightful Abbott Elementary and Netflix blockbuster Stranger Things led the pack for TV. Bad Bunny and Harry Styles dominated the music nominations, and Styles even managed to nab an acting nomination for his turn as an accent-challenged misogynist in Don’t Worry Darling.

The night started with dozens of hopeful People’s Choices making their way down the purple carpet. Reality TV stars donned ill-fitting, fast-fashion-looking outfits; the casts of many a beloved TV show strutted their stuff; and Shania Twain looked absolutely bonkers (in a GREAT way). Let’s take a gander at what the celebs trotted out for this night of pop culture democracy.

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